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Your Potential to Become...

Take action if you understand, believe, and have conviction in your potential. Look at yourself and if you are not fully satisfied with what you see, remember that it is never too late. Once upon of time, there was a version of you that led to who you are. You are the product of that version. The day will come when you will see a different version of yourself. As with your past, you are the seed of your future version today.

One invaluable life lesson you can learn from your past is that it provides an excellent insight into who you will be if you don't change. That simple knowledge alone is transformational, but the choice is always yours. No action is the same action that can only worsen over time and not get better unless you do something different and better today.

What makes this moment unique is the potential to become whatever you invest your efforts into, and you don't know how many more moments like this are left in your life. The power of this moment is the duality of being the product of your past and the seed for your future.

To become, you must first be. Before a tree became known as an apple tree, it had to be an apple seed once. That apple seed was once nothing but the potential to become a tree capable of bearing its kind in multiple folds. The same universal power that transforms a seed into a tree applies to you. Do you consider yourself less worthy than an apple seed or any seed? After all, you are a human being, a lot more powerful than any vegetal seed, yet you are the seed of the best version of your future self. This is only a potential awaiting your decision, followed by practical actions to blossom thoroughly.

As the Year 2022 comes to a close, the promise of the new year should be a like your spring toward a new beginning. Ride the fresh breeze of change brought to us by the closing of one year and the beginning of a new one to start a more beautiful chapter of your life. This potential will not be fulfilled until you make a promise and a commitment to yourself and act.

May the winds of these cosmic changes transport you into 2023 and fill you with hope, success, joy, happiness, determination, courage, and unbending commitment in your transformational journey!

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