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Your Lifetime Companion for Peace and Freedom.

Remember that the only companion for your inner peace is your conscience. You may be abandoned by your family, betrayed by your friends and acquaintances, but your conscience will never abandon you. You can stand alone against the whole world and be crushed by human justice, but your conscience will always be with you. You can be stripped from your children, others can tarnish your reputation, some can steal from you, many will definitely lie to you and about you, but none can tarnish your conscience without your own contribution.

Never forget that human justice doesn't necessarily serve righteousness. Human justice serves legality, meaning what is in compliance with human laws. Everyone, in their good conscience, has either witnessed, been the victim of, or experienced the imperfections of the human legal system. Jesus himself, the Son of God who brought the message of Love, Justice, and Peace to mankind, and who never committed a single crime, was condemned, crucified, and murdered in the hands of human Justice. Those implementing human justice back then were not servants of the truth, and today it is not any different.

Because something is legal doesn't mean it is right or true. Doing what is morally right keeps your conscience crystal-clear. Legality, with all its imperfections, is what regulates life in society but morality is what regulates individual inner life. You may well be the richest person who ever lived, but on your death, not only will you not take your wealth, but you will be alone with your conscience either peacefully or tormented. Since the Truth has the power to set you free, and a slave is anyone who is not free, then truthfulness is the path to freedom and peace of mind.

Remember that wanting to be right and doing what's right are two separate things. Strive to do the right things because anything else brings darkness to your conscience. Remember that there is no one else who will ever bear the weight of your conscience or offload it for you. Righteousness brings peace to your mind while maintaining the brightness, clarity, and lightness of your conscience.

Be true to yourself first, and then onto others. If the truth has the power to set you free, it can also set others free. Don't bend the truth just to please others, but allow them to see and face the truth and then decide for themselves. Only those amongst your fellow human beings who, just like you, are seeking freedom and peace will appreciate the truth. A servant cannot have opposite masters and serve both at the same time, therefore in this case, you either serve the truth or you don't. Whether you choose to serve the truth or not, you will always end up alone with either a peaceful or tormented conscience.

Your conscience is the bed you make for eternal inner peace or torments. You are the only one choosing the guest who will rest on the bed of your conscience. As long as you serve the truth, peace will be with you. Serve the lies and vanities, and you will be tormented for the rest of your life. The choice always rests only with you!

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