Women: The Pillars, The Guides, The Mediators, The Bridges, and The Leaders of Human Spices.

Every time I listen to my good friend @Cordelia Gaffar, I am filled with joy and hope for mankind. In one of her videos she said something that caught my attention. She said "We, women, are not only the pillars of this world, we are the guides between worlds." Ahhhhhh, if only people can fully understand what that really means!

Women are truly the pillars of this words. In addition to "guides" I will add the terms "mediators" for the simple reason that the term mediator could also be substituted with "bridge".

Earthly women are the incarnations of femininity and men are the incarnations masculinity both coming from the spiritual sphere of Creation. The notions or terms masculinity or femininity only refer to the type of activities suitable for each kind. Feminine activities are passive and delicate while masculine activities are active and coarse.

In terms of value, both active and passive activities are equal and complementary, but not identical. Passive activities are more fine and delicate where as Active activities are coarser or denser. It is very unfortunate that the term passive now has a negative connotation of weakness associated to it, because in reality it is the strongest btween the two. The term sensitive has also been misguided as weak even though when observing in real world everything with greater sensitivity produces better effects or greater results. This clearly shows the strength and nobility of the terms sensitive.