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Women: The Pillars, The Guides, The Mediators, The Bridges, and The Leaders of Human Spices.

Every time I listen to my good friend @Cordelia Gaffar, I am filled with joy and hope for mankind. In one of her videos she said something that caught my attention. She said "We, women, are not only the pillars of this world, we are the guides between worlds." Ahhhhhh, if only people can fully understand what that really means!

Women are truly the pillars of this words. In addition to "guides" I will add the terms "mediators" for the simple reason that the term mediator could also be substituted with "bridge".

Earthly women are the incarnations of femininity and men are the incarnations masculinity both coming from the spiritual sphere of Creation. The notions or terms masculinity or femininity only refer to the type of activities suitable for each kind. Feminine activities are passive and delicate while masculine activities are active and coarse.

In terms of value, both active and passive activities are equal and complementary, but not identical. Passive activities are more fine and delicate where as Active activities are coarser or denser. It is very unfortunate that the term passive now has a negative connotation of weakness associated to it, because in reality it is the strongest btween the two. The term sensitive has also been misguided as weak even though when observing in real world everything with greater sensitivity produces better effects or greater results. This clearly shows the strength and nobility of the terms sensitive.

With all that said, the feminine is the strongest of both kinds, meaning her receptive capacity through her intuitive perception is higher, that is why she's the bridge and guardian of the virtues therefore must serve as guide. But to be a good guide from above, you must also be a good mediator between the two worlds (spiritual and material) meaning you must keep the connection with the highest sources pure. The feminine with the sensitivity of its intuitive capacity is capable of connecting to the highest sources where the masculine and its rigidity and density cannot. This is what makes the feminine the Bridge and the mediator between the two worlds.

The feminine receives from the spiritual realm and transmits what she receives to the masculine who executes accordingly. The reason why the masculine executes here on earth what has been received and transmitted by the feminine is simply because its increased density is a lot closer to the density of matter therefore he is more adept to transform the coarser matter. For such transformation to be beautiful and noble, it needs the feminine guidance, touch and finess. This is why the feminine is truly the pillars of this world.

Please note that I intentionally mentioned the term femininity and masculinity throughout this article. The feminine and the masculine are present in the entire Creation and work harmoniously side by side in a way the complement one another and the result of their collective and collaborative actions is beauty.

It is only here on earth that womanhood and manhood exists because of the need for procreation to allow the incarnations of other spiritual beings here on earth. With that said, earthly women are the incarnated feminine spiritual beings whereas men are the incarnated masculine beings. Being incarcerated in this gross matter in one gender or the other should not deviate from the type of activity that each kind must engage in. When both work together with higher spiritual goals, the results of their collaborative and complementary work is nothing short of noble, beautiful, and harmonious. This is how everything should have unfolded to guarantee peace and harmony on earth.

There should never be competition between the two kinds as we now witness everywhere. In every competition, there is always a loser and in a world where everything is interdependent, if one loses, everyone lose. Everyone can see the fruits of a competitive society between the two genders. A healthy competition could have been something as "I want to be the best man possible or the best woman possible" as opposed to "whatever you can do, I can do it better". The later competition is only good for selfish interests and earthly gains. Our society as a whole suffers from the consequences of competitions between both genders.

It is up to women to set the tone, lead by example, and men will have no other choice but to fall in. The general wisdom that states "Behind every great man, there's a great woman" should serve as an indication on how we should work and the role of each gender. Again this is only true for those working together for higher spiritual goals. In accordance with God's Will, the purpose of our earthly existence as the feminine and the masculine is to work together for a harmonious development of mankind towards perfection and the ennoblement of all matters. This noble duty requires Purity, Love, Justice, and Collaboration because they are inseparable.

Leadership is a descrete power used to influence by providing purpose, direction, and motivation. Contrary to popular beliefs, leaders don't lead from the front. Those who want to contest this statement can refer to the Military. The General as the leader is not the one shooting the bad guys in the front line. When there is a good relationship between the leader and the doers, the doers will do everything to protect their leader even at the cost of their own life because they understand that they would be lost without their leader. But the power endowed to the leaders makes them responsible and accountable to setting up the proper environment for the doers to execute their duty with pride and loyalty. This is why women, as leaders, must set the tone and lead by example.

It is also our responsibility as men to start honoring and supporting femininity and nobility in womanhood for those women who are really trying to be the pillars of this world, the guides for our spieces, the mediators between the spiritual and the material, and the bridges between both worlds.

Thanks again to my dear friend @Cordelia Gaffar for her work that she does with our daughters, sisters, wives, and women in general.

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