Why most struggle to understand Life.

Many people are really struggling to understanding the purpose of life or just to make sense the "why are we here on earth". The purpose of this article is to highlight how the problem-solving blueprint that most are familiar with could serve as solution to understanding Life and its purpose.

The 1000 pieces Puzzle Game

Imagine someone trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle of one thousand pieces. Just imagine the same person being given all the pieces without the big picture or the image they should have at the end of their endeavor. If the person spends its time trying to study each piece separately, it would be extremely time consuming and nearly impossible to for them to build the entire puzzle within a certain time-frame. Mainly when the person engages in analyzing every detail about each piece then tries to deduct the entire picture based on one piece alone. It is possible that from time to time the conclusion of their analysis could brush a speck of truth, but this way of solving the problem is nothing but a pure guessing game. Unfortunately, this is how we try to explain Life and the Purpose of Life. The world surrounding us is not any different from that little piece of the puzzle. All scientific disciplines are attempting to understand the puzzle of life by over analyzing our universe even though most have rightfully reached the conclusion that our universe is so tiny compared the various solar systems, stars already discovered, and the entire creation. When things get beyond the intellectual capacity to understand, the investigators manufacture big strange names in foreign languages to hide their ignorance.

We know that the best way to solve a puzzle game is to first have an overall clear picture of what all the pieces must build in the end. With this picture in mind, we can start sorting the pieces into groups based on shapes and/or patterns. Once everything is clearly sorted out, there is no need to try to over-analyze each piece individually rather trying to understand how each piece relates to others and the entire picture, where and how it could fit. Taking this approach is natural, easy, and doesn’t require special education or making up things to blur our ignorance. This could be called a top-down or big picture approach. We know that this works, yet we don’t use the same method in understanding life and its purpose.