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Why Most Intellectuals Struggle With Spirituality.

By nature, all matters are dead in a sense that they lack their own warmth or heat. This could be observe when the soul and spirit exit the body at death, the body eventually goes cold. All matters need warmth from the animistic realm. Witth concentrated warmth, heat is generated which makes matter more maleable or ready to be shaped. The presense of the spiritual inside matter infuses life which makes matter animated. In reality, all materialistic happenings are the natural consequences of the animistic and the spiritual because they are the only kind with their own heat and life. Scientists generally observe patterns to draw conclusions or to establish scientific Laws. Patterns do appear as things unfold in Creation simply because the Laws of Creation are perfect and they govern all that happens inside Creation. Some have therefore rightfully stated that "under the same conditions, the same causes produce the same effects".

Limitations by Time and Space Words and our intellect are the products of the material realm of Creation. They are both bind to time and space therefore they are both limited. Words are not empty vessels but they are the containers describing particles of a specific type of energy. One can also refer to words as particles of specific energy entrapped in ethereal matter. We can see and hear the words, but we can't touch them. They are like pieces of puzzle capable of being used in multiple scenarios. This is why - when used properly - an image emerges from someone' speech. This also explains why we need so many words just to describe one notion or one picture. Now you can understand why it is said that "A picture is worth a thousand words". Unfortunately images intellectually constructed (Imagination) from using words are static therefore limited by time and space. Life in the other hand is motion and constant movement. Because of its limitations, our intellect excels in details but struggles in understanding everything as a whole. It needs logic to decode the notion into organized details and encode the details into a static notion. One can observe this in real life when reading a book. The author must describe the details regarding the setting, the protagonists, and all actions in sequence so that our intellect can build a picture and make sense of what is happening. Imagine such book describing the life of an individual from birth to death, how many volumes do you think it would take? Beyond Time and Space

Beyond space and time, words are absolutely useless. Everything is a living notion. Communication is done through projections of images that can be seen as reality because they contain living energy. This is what happens with real dreams that unfold like silent movies, yet you know and understand everything that is happening. You can witness more than one entire lifetime unfold from birth to death in a single dream, including all the details. Those who have read "The Art of Dreaming" by Carlos Castaneda can understand the projection phenomenon.

The Two Brains Every human being has two brains that were initially proportional. The two brains are the Cortex and the Cerebellum. At the beginning, both the Cerebellum and the Cortex were equal in volume. As matter of fact scientists acknowledge that, despite accounting for only ten percent (10%) of the brain's volume, both the Cerebellum and the Cortex have the same amount of neurons (50% each) in the brain. When most people study or talk about the brain, they only focus on the Cortex. In a normal, natural, and healthy settings, the role of the Cerebellum was to serve as the mediator between our intellect and our spirit by transmitting the living images to the Cortex. These images are decoded and interpreted by the intellect in the Cortex. This decoded information is then ready for implementation to transform by ennobling the physical matter through thoughts, words, and actions. Our physical senses would collect the feedback through experiencing the nature of our work. This sensory information is sent back to the Cortex where it is analyzed, encoded and transmitted to the Cerebellum that creates an accurate living image for the spirit to decide.

You Don't Use it, You Lose it! Unfortunately, after thousands of years of evolution, the Cerebellum became less and less involved to the point where it atrophied. Meanwhile, human heavily relied and unilaterally trusted their intellect, resulting in the hyper development of the Cortex as we see it today. If you go to the gym and only exercise one hand, that hand will get bigger and stronger while the other will remain weak and to eventually become useless. Everyone knows the saying "if you don't use it, you lose it". This is what happened to the penguins who ceased to use their wings and can't fly anymore. There are fish at the bottom of the ocean that can't swim anymore. The Laws don't allow any stagnation inside Creation. Anything that is not progressing, will regress, disintegrate, and disappear. This explains why some species disappeared from the face of the earth after reaching they highest stage of development.

The Destryoed Bridge By disengaging our Cerebellum in our daily activities, we've cut ourselves off from the spiritual realm. This explains why people are having such a hard time understanding things that are beyond time and space. In addition, the vast majority of human beings are now materialistically addicted, love vanities, and are engaged in a frantic race of collecting things. All this, despite the fact that not a single human being has been buried with their possessions. Most collectors are highly intellectual individuals who worship their intelligence. They are unable to comprehend that the sensation of reaching their height is actually a vice because the intellect is the highest thing there is inside the material realm.

Trying to explain the spiritual aspect of life to an intellectual is like asking a creature who leaves in the ground below the sea to understand the sun or the moon. Such creature doesn't even know that there is water and then the air above. All they know is dirt, rocks, and only solid things. Fortunately, the same law that doesn't allow stagnation in life is in action today. Human have had plenty of time to grow and mature. Those who still want to play the Ostrich by plunging their head in the sand to avoid acknowledging the cosmic changes that are rapidly unfolding before us will wake up too late. Everything that is happening also has its spiritual meaning and represents an incredible opportunity for spiritual awakening. In the end, it is always a matter of choice and what everyone values. Earthly and ephemeral possessions or spiritual and eternal virtues. By any stretch of imagination, I am not advocating chosing one over the other since they are both necessary for spiritual development, growth, and maturity. The general wisdom of consuming with moderation Everyone is the architect of ther live and the master of their destiny. One only harvests what s/he sows.

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