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Why are humans so greedy?

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

The one-word answer to this question is “Emptiness”. Someone who is greedy is selfish, they just want to take more and more of something, more than necessary.

Imagine two glasses, one full and another empty. A full glass has no room to take but all to give while an empty glass has nothing to give an can only take. A greedy individual is empty inside and they believe that their emptiness can be filled with external things. Unfortunately, there is no external thing that can fill an internal void. This explains why a greedy individual wants more and more of something without a clear end to when it is enough.

A human being is like a container in which there is a seed in latent form. The seed has the potential to develop and grow to the point that it can fill the container or vase. Once the container is filled, it has no other option but to give if its content wants to remain fresh, healthy, and constantly renewed. When a portion of the content is given, it creates room to receive. In simple terms, the more the content is given, the more room there is to receive in the vase.

The seed that resides in human in a latent form is their known as talent. It is up to each individual human being to uncover their own talent, nurture it, grow it to the point where it fills them up. The word fulfill itself is a combination of full and fill both implying "No empty space". Once a talent has fully blossomed, sharing becomes the only natural path towards further growth beyond the capacity of its bearer. Not only do we expand by sharing, but we simultaneously create room to receive. The healthy balance between giving and receiving creates harmony, peace, satisfaction, and constant fulfillment. This is known as the “state of happiness”.

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