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"When the Elephants Fight, it is the Ants That Die."

While everyone is patiently waiting for the final count of the ballots to determine the winner of our elections, please remember the meaning of this old African Wisdom. This wisdom simply states that when politicians fight, it the layman who pays the price, sometimes with their lives.

The best way to affect and see change is by being alive first and preserving others' live. Lasting change doesn’t come through violence. Today we celebrate the achievement of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, and many other influential individuals not because they incited violence against their neighbor or strangers. It is up to us to remain vigilant and patient because lasting change takes time, and time has its own mysterious way of revealing the naked truth so that we act in full conscience of truth.

Remember that it takes more than one to make peace of create harmony. Both peace and harmony are the foundation for beauty. Peace and harmony can be summed up in one word: Balance. Balance itself implies more than one interacting in such a way that none gives or takes more than necessary and at the expense of the other. We should always strive for balance in everything we do including interacting with others. They need us as much as we need them, regardless of our origins, race, gender, age, or believes.

Those who served in uniform in combat believing in the worthiness of their mission trusted their comrades in their left, right, front, and back regardless of their origins, race, gender, age, or believes. A few made the ultimate sacrifice and the best way to honor them is by becoming the best human beings possible. In other words, we must become exemplary human beings to inspire others and etch our names in golden letter in the history of our nation.

Any government is only a reflection of its people. If we don’t like what we see, we must initiate the change inside. Positive change is like light, it glows and doesn’t leave others indifferent. Politicians will always be politicians doing what they like best. The true guardians of a nation are its people. Weather or not the outcome of these elections are in your favor, never forget that the leaders of a nation are only a reflection of its people since they come among the people. The change we want to see always starts and ends with us individually.

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