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Time, The Truth, and The Light. Everything is Being Revealed!

Human, when would you start learning? Can't you see that everything is now moving towards the end where we - as spices - must taste the nature of all our deeds, evil or noble? All our deeds, regardless of whether they were done in secrecy will have to be revealed in daylight and be judged. The Judgment is not based on our Laws, but solely based on God's immutable, perfect, and simple Laws. In their action, God's Laws will either elevate the good to luminous heights or destroy evil once and for all. "The chicken have to come back to roost!"

The frequency with which all the cosmic changes are occurring must give us time to pause, reflect, and change course if necessary. If we have to guess our future based on the trends from the natural happenings of the past few decades and knowing all the evil that mankind has abandoned himself in, I am afraid that the worst is likely yet to come.

What do you know about Time?

What you read on your watch is not time even though we've been led to believe so. Think about it for yourself, every instance where you tell time to someone, you always start with "The time is...". That expression is all there is to know about time because time never changes but we and our deeds change in time. Time is perfect therefore doesn't require any change, if not, what should it change to? Time is the recorder of everything that is unfolding inside creation regardless of whether it is done in darkness, in secrecy, or out in the open. We use our watches as a tool to mark our movement inside time so that we have a sense of how far or how long we've traveled. All the atrocities that we've done to one another have been recorded in time. They are the seeds of our deeds; therefore they remain tied to their author so that when the fruits are ripe, the Law stating "For whatever a man sow, that also he will reap" accurately return the harvest to the sower. Whatever you do in this world, good or bad, you do it to yourself whether in secrecy or not. This is true for individuals, groups, societies, and countries. The Law is the Law!

What do you know about the Truth!

Look around you and observe calmly and carefully. You will soon realize that the people we entrusted to lead us in every domain in life would say something today just to contradict themselves later or for the truth about their deeds to be later leaked out somehow. People speak here and there claiming to be the Truth, sometime simply because they hold a title that was given to them by other fellow human beings. Yet, we are still here as travelers who are not interested in putting forth serious efforts in seeking the Truth about Life and its purpose, our purpose in life, and the Laws that regulates life. "Seek, and you shall find" says the wisdom. I want to ask you to "seek the Truth, and you shall find freedom and happiness". What is the Truth? The Truth is what was, is, and will always be. The Truth never changes because it is also perfect. When you decide to act truthfully, then act in a way that is noble and will not require change. The discomfort that one feels when trying to act truthfully only reaffirm the reality that as earthmen of blood, bones, and flesh, we have weaknesses that we must overcome. The Laws of Creation are perfect, Time is perfect, The Truth is perfect, so if we want to delight in what this creation has to offer, we must also strive towards perfection.

What do you know about the Light?

No Human being or creature can ever see the light. Since we can't see it, we can't really talk about it or represent it in any way possible. However, in each one of us, there is the capacity to recognize the light through its multiple manifestations. "You will recognize them by their fruits" says the wisdom. If you want to know about the Light, the only way is through its revelations. The Light reveals itself through Creation, the Laws that regulates Creation, and the multiple messengers and helpers that are gracefully sent to guide and educate us. The Bible is also here to remind us of what we've done with all the messengers sent to mankind by the Light. They were victims of insults, hate, crucifixion, and death. Somehow, we want to see in our criminal wrongdoings the necessary sacrifices. Just think for a minute. If our deeds were so good, wouldn't we be living in peace, joy, and happiness? When will we finally start being honest with our own selves?

Can someone tell me what's going on?

That is the type of questions that I keep seeing flooding around. People are still sitting around waiting for others to go do the research work and then come back to report. Such attitude is nothing but spiritual laziness and lukewarmness. Seek the truth and you should find! Only the truth will set you free. Even if you tell people what's going on, they will ask for your credentials, meaning your title. Basically, we are deeply entrenched in a cult of personality that we are unable to evaluate something independently from its author. Never forget that gold is gold, regardless of who holds it. "If you are God's Son, save yourself and come down from the cross!". This is how we demanded Jesus to prove his divine affiliation more than two thousand years ago. Today, not much has changed. The truth exists today on earth in its purest form, but many are still turning their back, simply because they are looking for the savior who will open the heaven and simply usher them with his extraordinary power. So, what's going on? We are at the end of a cosmic period where all cycles must come to an end. For a cycle to come to end, it must be closed meaning that the end must meet the beginning. At this critical point in time, the light will shine on everything so that its true nature could be revealed, just as time recorded it. It is only when everything is revealed based on all deeds that the harvesting happens. Anything that reveals itself as useless will be cast out for disintegration while everything else will have the possibility of rising to luminous heights.

We all have that inner voice that is constantly reminding us to change but we try to silence it in multiple ways. We distract ourselves, get drunk, talk too much to say nothing of value, accumulate things, indulge in vanity and sensuality. Time can only record what we want and do, the light will only reveal what we sown, and the Law will give to each what they deserve.

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