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This Will Help You Solve More Than Half of Your Problems!

Life is hard! Life is complicated! Life is confusing! These are the type of expressions that you will hear from your fellow human beings. This is not surprising because it reveals the true nature of humans who have the natural tendency of blaming everyone and everything else but themselves and in this case life! While some spend their entire existence complaining, they make no real effort to learn but chose to maintain the victim's mindset because it is the path of least to no effort, meaning it is the path for the lazy ones. Keeping this type of attitude and mindset seals your faith to remain in the labyrinth of complications and confusion. In the end, the living law of providence will only render in kind to the sower. If you are confused about life and do nothing about it, you should expect confusion. The same is true for any perceived complication in your life.

How often do we simply stop and pause to question everything that we've been told since birth? As I've said in the past, "The Truth is Not a Popularity Contest". Without taking the time to pause and question what we were told, we are most likely left to follow the crowd like cattle because we lack any real knowledge or personal conviction. Following the crowd would not be a bad thing if such a move is done purposefully, intentionally, and based on a personal conviction. The fact that we reach the conclusion that life is hard or complicated is simply life's way of showing us the incorrectness of our assumptions. It is a call to action toward changing something, maybe our mindset?

Those who invest time and dedicate efforts to observing and learning do so because they realize that there is a need to overcome their ignorance through learning, understanding, and discovering. Unlike those with the victim mindset, this group takes full responsibility for their ignorance. They embark on the quest for knowledge which in the end leads to true freedom and reel empowerment. It is rightfully said that the truth will set you free! It is with this in mind and only for this category of individuals that I wrote this short article. If you belong to this group, then I would like for you to use what you learned here and simply treat it as a tool. Your responsibility is to understand the tool, test it, and use it for yourself. If it works, then it becomes your property to keep, otherwise keep searching until you find something that works well for you.

Contrary to popular beliefs, life is the most simple thing there is. In fact, regardless of whatever you do in life or any circumstances in which you find yourself, you will never have to deal with more than two types of things: Things that you control and the ones that you don't. If you take the necessary time to observe quietly, away from all the noises and distractions, you will realize that the main source of your confusion and complication is the things that you don't control in life. Not having control means, "there is nothing you can do about it". You can cry, laugh, get upset, jump, fall, hurt yourself, or rollover, nothing will change. From this observation, you learn that investing your time and effort in the things that you don't control only guarantees disappointments that ultimately lead to potential frustrations. It makes you feel like life is unfair because there is nothing to show for all your investments (time and efforts), and what you reap doesn't seem proportional to what you sowed. Remember that investing your time and efforts in the things that you do not control is like seeding on a rock and expecting something to grow and eventually be harvested from that setting. The things that you don't control are other people, nature, and manmade things.

  • Other People: This simply means "everyone else who is not you". You cannot control anyone else but yourself. The expression "other people" includes family members, friends, foes, and perfect strangers. How often have you done something to someone and then realize that they don't like it, appreciate it, consider it, or simply care about your efforts? In many cases, we would complain about other people and even blame their ingratitude. In doing so, we forget they are also human beings with the natural right to accept or reject whatever is given to them. This right is universal, therefore you too have the right to accept or reject anything that doesn't seem useful to you, regardless of the giver's intentions. We've all heard the saying that "because something is good for you does not necessarily mean it is good for all", yet we keep expecting other people to appreciate what we have to offer. Even if they asked for it, remember that they still have the right to change their mind at any given time. Just because someone accepts to take something you offered doesn't mean they like or appreciate it. In this life, everyone must follow their own path which will surely lead to different types of experiences depending on which stage of their life journey they are. If you learn to only give to those who are genuinely in need without expectations, you will never be disappointed. Any positive reaction in return will always be a happy surprise like icing on the cake.

  • Nature: In simple terms, "nature is everything that has not been modified by mankind". These are things that humans don't control such as the weather. How often do we blame the weather when the type of activities we wanted is not suitable for the conditions? Everyone seems to expect the weather to accommodate the multiple and sometimes opposing desires of billions of individuals at the same time. Nature was here before us and it will remain here long after mankind. The forces of nature don't exist to please human beings. Their purpose is to maintain and promote creation towards its ennoblement which requires constant changes. It is expected that humans would learn to understand these forces and work along to contribute toward the unified goal of maintaining and promoting. Have you ever wondered why animals are generally aware of and flee from places where a natural catastrophic event will take place? Who doesn't remember the volcanic eruption that happened in Hawai where some people decided not to evacuate because they "wanted to save" their properties.

  • Manmade Objects: Manmade objects are simply everything that was made or modified by human beings such as houses, airplanes, money, etc. There are several reasons why manmade objects are outside of human control. If you understand what was said about nature, then this is easy to understand. You simply have to look at catastrophic events such as tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and so on. They would destroy every object made by human beings in the blink of an eye. You can own a house today and tomorrow the entire thing crumble simply because it was poorly built. Every day we see car crashes and from time to time the same happens to airplanes. What we've never seen is people begging for the objects they own to be destroyed against their will.

Any complication or confusion in life is only the result of your efforts or lack thereof. While sorting things into two buckets (Control & no control) sounds simple, it is not easy, and you should not expect it to be. It is not an easy task because it may shake your core beliefs, and require questioning everything that you've learned about life since your childhood. With practice, your efforts will eventually lead to developing in you a quality known in wise people called discernment. If you can take some time to think, reflect, and expand on whatever you learned today, then your next task should be learning to identify and separate the things that are outside of your control from the ones you can control. For the things that are outside of your control, remember to only give your best and do your best without expecting anything in return, then you will never be disappointed. From time to time you may actually be happily surprised. Should this ever happen, then remember to thank God whose unfathomable wisdom made life so simple. Keep it that way!

Always keep in mind the truthfulness of this living law: "For whatsoever a man sowth, that shall he also reap".

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