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This Changes The Meaning of "Life Coach"!

Updated: Jan 11

There is a fundamental difference between a Life Coach and a Human Coach. The expressions "Life" and "Human" carry two separate notions, one containing a fraction of the other. A Human is a fraction of life. Life is more significant and prominent than a human, while a human is only one manifestation of life. Any genuine human labeled as a "Life Coach" is a student of Life. A Human coach can only give you secondhand, subjective, and limited lessons they received from life. An excellent human being coach will provide you with the tools necessary to become an authentic and successful life student. With the right tools, every moment in your life becomes filled with lessons; you become empowered and free to learn as much as your heart desires from life. The more you learn, the more you realize how little you knew, know and how much more there is to know. This fundamental knowledge is the gateway to humility and understanding and the first step toward the quest for the wisdom of the infinite.

Life is the only coach capable of opening and taking you beyond the gate of human knowledge and wisdom. Over time, as you master some life lessons, you become aware that what appears extraordinary to you remains insignificant compared to life as a whole. It will become evident that your learning capacity is unique and different from others, and you, as an individual, can only master a tiny fraction of what life has to offer. The sum of our different lessons brings our collective knowledge closer to the wisdom of life. This is when you uncover the true value of human diversity that is revealed to you; it is the birthplace of genuine love for others and the understanding that their presence brings meaning to your existence. You need other human beings as much as they need you. We need each other!

Everything said thus far can be observed as it unfolds daily in real life. In music, harmony is the sum of different sounds from various instruments that generate music loved by nearly everyone. The combination of different colors allows artists to unleash their true talent in masterful artworks. Monotony leads to death, whereas harmony is the only guarantor of social peace yearned by most. Social harmony cannot be achieved alone; without harmony, no one can experience pure joy.

As you go about your life, remember that if you know how to learn from both painful and joyful experiences, then you don't need a human coach wrongfully labeled as a "Life Coach." You may temporarily need a human coach to provide tools that will help bring clarity and simplicity to your understanding of life, but you must never eternally depend on them. Life is fundamentally simple. Life is beautiful. Life is powerful. Life is great. Life is eternal. Life is the only authentic coach you need! Live is meant to be lived, so please live fully to learn in abundance!

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