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The Story of Your Life is Written Through Your Choices

Those who served in the Military probably know that in combat, a bad decision is better than no decision. Choices are the only levers for growth so long as we are willing to learn from the corresponding consequences. The consequences of your choice, provide a priceless opportunity to assess and decide whether to sustain or abandon the cause that led to the choice. Even a "bad choice" serves the best interest of its author as long as they are willing to learn from the consequences and grow from it. Our choices guide the rolling ballpoint laying behind us, the ink that writes, engraves, or etches the story of our existence in the book of life. Hopefully one day, that story could either be emulated by others, otherwise it will be thrown into a dark abyss.

Anything that requires change is, by essence, imperfect. There are two paths that change leads to: The first one is evolution towards perfection and the other is regression towards disintegration. At the crossroad of these two paths, stands today's human being, equipped with his Freewill to chose one path over the other. Since there is no standstill inside creation, he must constantly chose between progression or regression. By default, inaction, passivity, and avoidance to chose is a choice towards regression because, through its passivity, the person has proven to be a useless dead weight that is not contributing towards the greater cycle of evolution. We must always remember that "not choosing is a choice" in other words "choosing not to chose remains a choice", so there's no escape.

Don't be afraid of making choices in life, but make sure that you learn from them. No one is perfect, but we all strive towards perfection. If perfection is unattainable, at least the path that leads to it will make you better. The only person to whom you should compare yourself to is you. There is only one you on this planet therefore, it is ok to have a story that is different from anyone else's. You too have the right to enjoy life, but you must make choices.

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