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The Religion of True Friendship

A true friend knows you, understands the difference between you and your choices, and can skillfully handle both separately.

  • They know that everyone makes poor choices, and anyone can change for the better; one choice in life does not eternally define the person.

  • They are the champions of your good choices and celebrate your victories, regardless of their significance.

  • Their Love for you will always triumph over their personal opinions, feelings, or considerations, hence their exclusive focus on what is valuable and necessary for you.

  • They are the fierce enemy of your bad choices, but they help you learn from them. Should hardship become the inevitable path for your growth, they will let you go through it, stand by you, and support you while undergoing painful yet necessary life experiences.

  • They painfully suffer with you but don't dwell on your collective miseries. They find a path, hold your hand, and lead you out of your struggles, sometimes in ways that may not make any sense but desperately require the fierce urgency of the moment.

  • They know that helping you doesn't mean doing things for you but leading and encouraging you to initiate actions that will benefit you.

  • They understand that helping you is a privilege, not a duty or right. That is why they expect nothing in return, not even a sign of gratitude. Their genuine appreciation for your presence in their life stems from their conviction that there is no greater achievement in life other than helping a fellow human being.

  • They know beyond a shadow of a doubt that "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." So, when you fall, they help lift you up but always let you take the following steps to prevent you from becoming dependent on their help or them.

  • They understand that every step you successfully take as the result of your efforts strengthens your self-belief and self-confidence and ushers you closer to freedom. There is no greater gift to mankind from God than FREEDOM.

  • They fully understand that you are not them and they are not you; therefore, helping you become the best version of yourself comes to be the noble goal and sole purpose of their friendship with you.

  • They cherish your acceptance as a friend and relish the privilege of you letting them be part of your life and by your side.

  • They know that the fully blossomed version of you will make their life more prosperous, meaningful, enjoyable, and elated.

  • They don't judge you or compare you to them or anyone else.

  • They never think they are better or worse than you because they have learned that what happens to you, good or bad, can also happen to them in no time.

  • They don't make your life story the subject of their conversation with anyone else because they know your reputation is one of your most valuable personal assets and properties.

  • They stand their ground by telling you clearly what line they will not cross with you. When you choose to cross the line, that would be a clear indication that they must let you go alone and follow your path.

  • They know that holding on to your company beyond necessary is more selfish than healthy and denies others from experiencing the true joy of your friendship.

  • They knew separation was inevitable, whether naturally through death or rightfully at the moment when you no longer needed them. In either case, as painful as it may be, they know they must let you go even if neither of you doesn't want to.

  • They have witnessed the natural power of necessary separation and learned from nature that, in life, there comes a time when a fruit must fall from the tree if it ever wants to become a fruitful tree. There is time for a bird to use its wings to fly. For humans, there is time to say healthy and positive goodbyes!

  • As they see you go, they know your encounter and presence have impacted and transformed their life. It becomes evident why many consider friendship the best possible relationship between human beings.

  • They will not lament over your separation but be thankful for your journey together and send you off with best wishes and pray for you.

  • They will keep the most beautiful and fond memory of you in their heart and smile in times of solemn silence and quietude. The memory of your friendship will keep them company in times of solitude and lift them in times of struggle.

  • At night, they look up to the sky, wondering and asking the moon and the stars if they know what happened to you. When they return to bed, they close their eyes, pray for you, and hope that one day, God will answer their prayer and wish to see you again, whether in this lifetime or beyond.

Life is wonderful, a beautiful mystery, and a magical experience. Every person must strive to experience the religion of a true friend at least once in their lifetime. It appears to me that anyone who has never experienced a true friendship has not lived fully. Loving a brother, sister, mother, child, wife, or relative comes naturally, but growing a meaningful relationship with a perfect stranger is exceptionally rewarding.

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