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The Light of the Truth

The truth will set you free!. A peculiarity of the truth is that it is luminous. In addition to illuminating your path, light brightens everything in its neighborhood. Its purity and brightness do not admit anything dark in its proximity and rejects everything that is its opposite. Many find it hard to bear the truth. Those who are afraid of the truth clearly show that they have something to hide or they do not want their true nature to be revealed.

Human beings have this unique way to lie to themselves or to deceive others by using subterfuges in language. The one expression that is widely known to all since it is frequently used is the term "diplomacy." With this expression, one grants oneself the right to deceive others by using a well-coded language where words have the appearance of benefiting the listener. Unfortunately, it is this form of expression that is considered "official." With this form ofexpression, we try to hide the truth. Fortunately, time is always on the side of the truth because everything always end up being revealed as it really was by coming to light.

Many have attempted to hide the atrocities and lies of this world, but in their ignorance, their authors were oblivious of the fact that time records everything and nothing escapes it. Even the most intimate unspoken intuitions and thoughts are recorded in time as well as the deeds. Regardless, whether the act is done in secret, in broaddaylight as in the dark, it neverescapes time.

Time on the other hand, is at the service of the truth. That is why it is well stated that "everything comes to light" and what brings everything to light is nothing but time that had previously recorded it. Because of (or thanks to) its density, matter slows down the movement that takes everything to the light of the truth so that its true nature could be revealed. With the slowdown, what was recorded comes to maturity up to its ripness and then revealed itself to the light of truth at the exact time of harvest. By clearly revealing itself, what is noble and just rises with its owner meanwhile, what is dark and false is destined to destruction with its owner.

No one has the right to tarnish with impunity the brightness of the light of truth just to please a fellow human being. The fundamental purpose of the light of the truth is to help those who sincerely want to improve and rise, since only the truth itself offers that possibility. The truth is the only path to life. That's why it is clearly stated that "the truth will set you free." To the sincere seeker, the light of truth reveals shadowed areas that deserve the attention of their efforts to get rid of it once and for all. Thus, the light of truth plays a purifying role only for those who want to improve sincerely. The others are pushed back into the shadow or darkness which is in affinity with what they choose to cling to.

To tarnish the brightness of the light of truth is to prevent others from seeing themselves exactly as they are. By doing so, they are given stones at the place of the bread of life. It is right to tell the truth and let others deal with it for themselves and decide what they want to do with its light: self-purify and ennoblement which leads to their elevation or cling to darkness, which leads to their loss and destruction.

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