Stop Blaming Our Brave Veterans, They Are Not The Problem! Civilians are Missing in Action!

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Being a Veteran in our society seem to be a struggle and a daily burden. Just look at the news and all sorts of published articles. Veterans are constantly used as scapegoats for the lack of understanding that exists between the veteran community and their civilian counterpart. Some say that " veterans are less suited for jobs that involve social-emotional skills and interacting with people than their non-veteran counterparts". This statement contradicts itself because it acknowledges that veterans do have social-emotional skills that are well expressed when interacting with other veterans. As opposed to blaming or accusing veterans, the non-veteran counterparts need to do a lot of soul searching for why they are unable to connect with the brave and courageous men and women who serve this nation.

Human being have this natural tendency of blaming others and looking for flaws elsewhere as opposed to turning inwards to fix the problems from within. Let me be as clear as I can be. "Veterans are not the problem!". If someone has nothing good to say about the veterans, mainly those who did not find the necessary courage to volunteer to "protect and defend" this country, they will do our nation a big service by simply staying silent. Constantly adding additional blames to veterans is also a contributing factor for the high suicide rate that this minority population suffers today. How can someone who has never served or simply never vested the time to learning to understand what it means to serve be credible to judge those who have served? The so-called experts position themselves as credible just because they hold a degree (piece of paper) from an institution that expected them to memorize things. One cannot accurately judge any culture from outside, and judging the military culture from outside is not any different.

Civilians must take the time and learn what it means to serve a nation. Being in the Military is not the only way one serves his/her country. There are common values that define a nation. Those common values must be protected, upheld, and enforced for the greater good of all and everyone must contribute to this noble endeavor. While some 'defend and protect' from any outside threats, others must 'u