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Simple, Yet Powerful Signs That Humanity is in Decline.

Every human being made of flesh and blood goes through the natural four phases of evolution: (1) conception (fetus), (2) formation (childhood), (3) maturity (adulthood), and (4) disintegration (death). As side note, nature itself goes through the same four phases commonly referred to as seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall). What we can learn from nature is that all four seasons are clearly different from one another. in nature, one recognizes a tree by its fruits and a seasons by their changes. Because we, human beings are also part of nature, a serious observer can clearly see that today’s adults are more like children. Since every society is only a reflection of its citizens, one can understand that the decline of individuals also affects an entire society.

1. Children having children: The notion of children here refers to the state of maturity of an individual and not exclusively the biological age. Most parents seem to believe their role as parent is to please their children. Sometimes it is hard to know who runs the show in a household. It is far too common to hear a parent complaining that they “are tired and don’t know what else to do.”

2. Instant Gratifications: Growing up, we learned that patience is virtue and that “Good things come to those who wait for”. Nowadays, life seems to evolve around instant gratification. Crops are not growing naturally but are artificially engineered for fast production resulting in side effects with direct impact on health and the environment. Many forms of cancer are attributed either directly or indirectly to the quality of the food we eat. People prefer fast food over homemade meals. These days, most people are looking for quick and easy solutions for nearly anything. Instant gratification is a behavior that should be associated with childhood.

3. Distractions: Entertainment is what attracts most individuals and draw the most crowd today. The only way for you to get someone’s attention is to act as a clown just as in the most recent period of circus. Just look at videos of what people are willing to do to grab their fellow human’s attention. The presenter must make grimaces and all sorts of contortions pretty much like what is done for children at their early stage of education. Calm observation and reflection that are external signs of maturity are becoming hard to come by.

4. Manners: The need for attention has crossed all barriers. Just look are how people dress and present themselves in public. The noble quality of shame is becoming rare. Sometimes you are under the impression that adults are now returning their early childhood when they would naturally walk around without clothes on. People talk daily about common values, yet only few seem to know civility. What are the common standards that outline the norms of our society? Many don’t seem to understand that there is difference between freedom and libertinism.

5. And More: Some individuals are so obsessed with accumulating wealth even at the expense of others. This is not any different from the kindergarten children who doesn’t understand the notion or need for fairness or why they should share. Millions are dying around the world while a few are obsessed with accumulating millions in their bank accounts. Because of their fear, greed. and reluctance for sharing, they have concluded that the world is overpopulated and that there are not enough resources for all. They now act as if they were there when God created this entire creation and filled it with resources for all creatures. This category of individuals show signs of being eternally empty meaning, they have nothing to offer but an unquenchable need or desire to take.

Freedom doesn’t mean that one must behave as if they live in a vacuum. Being free doesn’t meant we can self-indulge with lack of restraint as if no one else exists. Freedom and responsibility two sides of the same coins. Just as a coin has three-sides, morals are like the ridges of a coin. The little ridges that run perpendicular to the sides of a coins prevent a coin from being debased. Moral values are the perpendicular ridges that must prevent the debasing of the token used for the growth of any society just as with currency in any economy.

Albert Einstein is credited to having say “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”. The good news is that it is never too late. Everyone knows right from wrong. It only takes one to change the world. If you become better than yesterday, the world has already change for the better because you are part of the world. By becoming your best self, you have taken the world to the frontier of its possibility within your control. You become a model for the silent observers because in you they can see what’s possible and they are inspired. It works like a drop in water that creates waves. You should not worry about the wave but make sure that you are the drop, and then nature will take care of the rest.

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