Seven Steps to Live and Maintain a Purposeful and Fulfilled Life.

Step 1: Find Your Purpose (Why) (3 Options)

  1. Internal: You are seeking self-satisfaction in the sense that the end goal is you and you only. For instance, being rich, having a lot of money, etc…

  2. External: You are focused on doing something that benefits everyone or everything else but you. For instance, believing that your purpose in life is to make other people happy. You would go extra mile and do anything hoping that people will be happy with your deeds.

  3. Combination: Something personal that deeply impacted your life and you make it a mission for preventing other to suffering the same pain your endured or creating the conditions so that other can have the pleasant experience that lived through.

Step 2: Understanding the notion of Fulfillment (Where)

Fulfillment Definitions:

  • The achievement of something desired, promised, or predicted.

  • Satisfaction of happiness as a result of fully developing one’s abilities or character

Notion: Regardless of how one sees it, there is no fulfillment without a promise, in other words only promises are fulfilled.

Promises are expressed in terms of talents, potentials, aptitudes, capacities, or possibilities. With promises we start believing or assuming that something should, could or will happen in a way that we conceive it to unfold. People use promises to form expectations or to antic