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Nothing Personal is Gained Without Personal Efforts !

The natural law of just compensation guarantees harmony, the absence of which manifests itself in chaos, unilateralism, and even injustice. Personal effort triggers the law of just compensation which rewards the author in-kind based on its nature and intensity. The reward itself is what is called providence or karma which always remains linked to its author until the latter fully experiences the consequences of the efforts made. Natural laws are neutral. If the nature of an effort triggers evil, providence can cause pain or grief. If the nature of an effort triggers good, providence can cause joy and happiness. Both pain and joy are personal gains that belong only to the doer. The nature of providence is the best lesson a person receives about the true nature of his desires. A providence that brings pain teaches the concerned being to change their desires and direct their efforts towards the good. It is written that "what he sowed will be reaped a hundredfold"

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