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No One Loves You Until You Love You

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Dear Fellow Human,

Every time I set foot outside my door to mingle amount my fellow species, what I witness fills me with sadness. I witness the struggles of many, not only when I partake in social activities, but when I go out to drive for Uber/Lyft. I listen to countless conversations and engage in substantial exchanges.

The few words of encouragement and wisdom that I share with few random souls in my vehicle seem to drop on arid soil. They vanish as quickly as they land. My sorrow deepens by the sad realization of the prophecy “many are called but few are chosen”. Many may read this prophecy and think that the selection process is outside of their control simply because of the word “chosen”, but the reality is that, choosing is a self-selective and natural process. This simply means, life is given to many, but only few will choose it. The Law is simple, clear and immutable “What you sow, you must harvest”, therefore if you are not among the chosen, there’s no one else to blame.

Everywhere you look, your eyes will land on at least one human being who doesn’t love themselves yet expects others to love them. How can you say you love yourself when you hide behind social masks? How can you say you love yourself when you wonder around with fake hair? How can you say you love your self when you are made up because you are full of make up? How can you say you love your self when you are simply pretending, and you know it too? How can you say you love yourself when you don’t love who you are naturally just the way God Created you? How can you say you love yourself when you tell lies about yourself and others? How can you say you love yourself when you don’t even know what love is? How can say you are a friend when you don’t even know the meaning of “friend”? Maybe this is where you need to start, by understanding the notion of important words like Love and Friend that affect you daily.

  • If you want others to love your fake hair, they will love your fake hair and not you, so who is it to blame?

  • If you want others to love your make up, they will love your make up and not you, so who is it to blame?

  • If you want others to love your social avatar, they will love your social avatar and not you, so who is it to blame?

  • If you believe that you are beautiful, why cover it up with makeups, fake things, just to present a social avatar that is not you?

Somehow, you let others convince you that you are not beautiful just the way you are. That God made you imperfect and their products will make you perfect. Somehow, they distracted you from cultivating values and virtues from within to glorifying physical vanities not because it benefits you but simply because it fills their pockets. How did you let something so morbid like this happen to you? Somehow they convinced you that a model in our society is that person capable of uncovering themselves and reveal their nudity in public, that a model is muscle man who shows off their biceps, and what did you do, you drank the Koolaid because it was a convenient shortcut. By accepting what they tell you as opposed to who God made in you, your are making your volition loud and clear regarding the “many are called but few are chosen”.

  • What they forgot to remind you about is that the body is a sacred gift from God that must be maintained as such.

  • What they forgot to remind you about is that they hide the things they value such as gold, diamond, privacy, etc... because nothing of value should be given or exposed to pigs.

  • What they forgot to remind you about is that everything with true value is hidden and protected from vulgar eyes.

  • What does that tell you about their hypocritical nature and intends?

  • What does that tell you about what you should do with your body if you truly value it?

Just in case you forget everything, please never forget to "Give back to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." The ultimate question will be what did you do to all the gifts and talents gracefully given to you? No one else but you will have to answer that question, all alone!

Those who are encouraging you to be fake and celebrate vanity are after the only true value that you have: Your Talent + Your Time + Your Freedom. In exchange they give you money and convince you that it is something of value. Do you ever wonder why they don’t teach money in any school? Why don’t they give you diamond, gold, silver, and other precious metals with actual value? If money truly had value, why don't they keep for themselves? Why are they printing it at will? You are being intensely distracted just so that you don’t have time to think and look into things that affect your life, freedom, and happiness. The fact is that no one forces you to follow blindly without questioning.

What happen to your natural inquisitive childhood quality that constantly asked “why”, “but why”, and “why” again until the answer could be explained to you with childlike simplicity? More so today than ever, you must question everything they tell you, want you to do, expect of you, etc… until there is no shadow of a doubt in your mind.

  • No One Loves You Until You Love You

  • If You don't Love You why expect others to Love You?

  • No One Cares About You Until You Care About You

Stop tricking others to love the avatar while hiding the real person in you that you don't love. If you let the world see who you are just the way you are based on the inner values and virtues that define you, out of eight billion that we are on earth today, the chances of finding someone who genuinely loves you for who you are are far greater. This will not happen so long as you stay hidden behind social avatars that are not you.

Didn’t I say the law is simple, clear and immutable “what you sow is what you must harvest”? You unquestionably know the burden of living a double life mainly when your social mask is different from who you truly are. Why not just be your natural self? If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, then covering it up doesn’t make it any better, instead, working towards your own ideal self is the only thing that will make a positive difference for you over time.

Albert Einstein is credited to having said “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, and expecting different result.” From time to time I do wonder if glamorizing and celebrating fake is not insane as well. I don’t think we are insane because I know that we’ve all been misled by the few who benefit from our insecurity, confusion, and weaknesses. They offer superficial solutions that only promote vanity and create a state of dependency. If what they are offering you doesn’t work for you, be courageous and try something else.

Another law is also simple, clear and immutable “similar attract and opposite repulse”.

  • If you want to attract authenticity, then let your true self be authentic first

  • If you want to attract beauty, then let your true self be naturally beautiful first

  • If you want to be valued, then value and cultivate values in your true self first

  • If you want serious relationships, then be serious with yourself first

  • If you want to be loved, then love your true self first

  • You cannot plant fake and expect to harvest authenticity

  • You cannot plant lies and expect to harvest truth

It simply doesn't work like that because creation is governed by the perfect laws of God that only promote Love and Justice. So cultivate and promote self-love and self-justice from within and the Universe will take care of the rest. You have no one else to blame if you chose not to learn about the Laws and Creation. Never forget that only the Truth Sets Free!

Happiness flows from inside out, therefore you can access it anytime regardless of your life circumstances, rich, poor, young, old, or anything in between. Use your time to cultivate your talent, values and virtues, and be free to only share when fully blossomed with only those and the things that add value to your life. The world needs your talent and it is the purpose of your earthly existence.

You too deserve to live a more meaningful, joyful, purposeful, and fulfilled life. Let the new and real you shine, glow, and wonder in this beautiful Creation of God. Delight in what it has to offer. You too have the right to Freedom and Happiness.


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