My Black Reality of The American Exceptionalism

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

I was among those who believed in the so-called "American Exceptionalism" but I now realize that I never wondered "Exceptional in what?". I have heard and saw the countless cries and sorrows of many black people in America, unfortunately, my reality of America was only that of a Soldier who took pride in believing in the core values that guided the Society that I had the honor to be part of for fourteen years of my twenty years in America: The Military. Our society can learn and benefit a great deal from the Military even though it is sometimes misused by those in power.

Going back in the civilian life as so-called black us citizen since my retirement gave me the opportunity to experience what people who look like me experienced under our "American Exceptionalism". It could be summarized in one well-known word: Injustice. It would not be a problem if the consequences of what is being done was against me affected me. While those with power, privileges, and money come after me for money, the obvious victims are by beloved children.

When it became clear that the made-up abuses stories about me didn't work, everyone rushed to take my children hostage claiming that I was an abusive father to my own children. For me this was lower than dirt and so ignoble that I chose not to engage. To date, I keep asking for one single piece of objective evidence of poor parenting and no one has been able to present it. They even refused to admit or consider unsolicited written notes from firsthand witness account of my exceptional parenting skill. Yet, everyone is now claiming to be protecting my children while using their position of authority to extort everything that I earned from my retirement to the point that I had no other choice but to relinquish the custody of my beloved daughters, and I now have to live my apartment so that they can have the money that they are after.

As I was packing everything today, I came across the following notes. These clearly depict a different picture from that of violent father that few are desperately trying to portray about me. I get heartbroken when I read these messages knowing that my children did nothing to anyone, yet they are the victims of a few despicable worthless creatures. These notes were sent to me when I was homeless as a result of these unsubstantiated accusations. Read it for yourself and contrast that desperate attempt to paint me as violent person. These notes from my daughters are forever engraved and etched in my heart.

"I love you , you are the best Dad Maddie could ever have. You fill my heart with Joy. Love, Maddie". My perpetrators have constantly requesting for me to be sent to jail just because they don't receive their money on time. Whether I die or go to jail today, I know that my children love me, and they know that I will forever love them even beyond the grave. My love for my children will not serve as the pedestal upon which some despicable worthless creatures have to use my children as sacrificial lambs.