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Most Will Wake Up When it's Too Late! Are You One of Them?

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

By the time most people will realize that they've wasted their time building their lives based on an empty and worthless Notion of Money, it will be too late for the vast majority. The sad thing is that the facts are not hidden.

Hidden in plain sight!


Take any currency (so-called paper money) in your possession and read the fine prints on the side with a president's head. It is clearly written "This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private". Not sure whether this needs further explanations. What you carry around is not money but a note that authorizes you to get into debt. Is it surprising to see that nearly everyone is in debt? As long as you owe something to someone, you are not free. The next question is "Who wrote the note?".

Didn't I say "Hidden in plain sight"?


  1. Federal? Did you ever wonder whether the Federal Reserve is a Federal institution meaning a Public Entity or a Private? If you haven't, it may be time to do so. As far as I know, the Federal Reserve is a Private Corporation that pays dividends to its Shareholders just like any other corporation. The identity of their owner is a mystery for most of us but the bottom line is that it is a Private Institution.

  2. Reserve? What do they have in Reserve? Nothing! is your answer. After getting away from the "Gold Standard" back then when these notes where "Gold Certificates", all we are now left with are private notes on pieces of paper that we exchange with one another and that we still call money. The bottom line is that, they don't have any reserve to justify all the notes they are writing.

I hope by now you understand why I call these scheme empty and worthless Notion of Money. The intrinsic value of all these papers is not any different from any paper you buy at Office Max. If you want to test this theory, then take one of the Dollar bill back to the bank and tell them, you are tired of carrying their note around. Ask them to take it back in exchange for money. Then watch what they will give you. Nothing! So how is money made?

How is "Money" Made?

Nowadays, it is hard to say how money is really made because all the standards that were attached with gold backed printing are now out the window. This would be a good question to ask the Federal Reserve Owners. Good Luck finding them. For now, below are several ways through which money is made. Please pay attention to the fact each method has no tangible value associated with it.


Our real government(s) issue bonds (I OWE U) to the Federal Reserve and through their banking system these bonds are sold in exchange for "money". The reason banks are eager and willing to buy these bonds is simply because governments have the power to collect taxes to repay them. The government uses this money to pay its workers (Military, Police, Teachers, etc...), funds Public Projects (Roads, Schools, etc...), and Programs (Pensions, Medicare, Medicaid, etc...). These bonds allow the Federal Reserve to print more "Money".

Fractional Reserve

When government workers get paid, they deposit their "Money" in their bank account. The bank is not required to keep that entire amount in the vault but only a certain percentage (Fraction) in the worker's bank account. Generally the amount required to keep in the account is 10% which means if you deposit $10.00, the bank only keeps $1.00 in your account while they can use the other $9.00 to lend it to other people or businesses. Because you deposited $10.00 your account will always reflect $10.00 even though in reality there's only $1.00. The other $9.00 number that you see in your account is "ghost money". The $10.00 that was initially deposited is now worth $19.00. The process repeats itself every time that deposits are made.


Interest are well understood by many. Once the bank lends the $9.00 to someone who borrowed it, they recoup the principal ($9.00) plus interests. If the interest rate was 20%, then the borrower will repay $10.8 ($9.00 principal) + ($1.8 interests)

Quantitative Easing (QEs)

Quantitative Easing is the amount of money that the central bank decides to print and pump into the market.

All new money that that is injected into the market without real value created by it only has one direct consequence: It devalues the the money currently in circulation. This explains why things are getting more and more expansive. It is not necessary due to supply and demand, rather weak currency where you need more to purchase the same good or service. Since this notion has no real value, what and were is true value?

What and Where is True Value?

“Talent + Time + Freedom = Value”

It is not hard to figure out where and what True Value is. Just look at what is being purchased with Fake Money. Your Talent, Your Time, and Your Freedom. For many, it is nearly impossible to help them realize that they are wasting their Talent and Time just to be enslaved by this empty notion of money.

The Clock is Ticking One Way

The clock operates as traffic in a one way street. When the time is gone, it's gone! For some, this is a good thing because it is heartbreaking to see a lot of talent being wasted and human being willingly choosing slavery over freedom. What makes this twice difficult to witness is the fact that

(1) People know that they are not happy but simply chose to do the same thing over and over

(2) Everyone knows that they will not take anything they waste time accumulating 6ft under

(3) It doesn't cost anything to self-educate

(4) No one care to take these matters seriously

In the end, everyone is responsible for their own happiness. There will be no one else to blame but the individual.

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