Money is Not What You Think!

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

What is School Good For

There are few good things about the traditional school system as we know it. Thanks to school, we can read, write, and count. With the exception of a few disciplines, beyond these three basic functions, school becomes increasingly dangerous for spiritual growth since it systematically conditions individuals to have a universal way of thinking and believing which is the opposite what we need for spiritual maturity. The notion of Freedom is inseparable with the spiritual beings that we truly are. Without freedom, there is no responsibility. Without responsibility there no growth and no maturity.

The School Paradox

When you get a job and are getting paid for it, collaboration is an important skill, but in school collaboration is called cheating; When you think outside of the box, you are labeled as failure but in real life it is called learning, discovering, or innovation; School teaches you and then tests if you memorized (not necessarily learned) but life tests you until you learn; School glorifies individual achievements but real life only rewards collaborative achievements because no one succeeds alone in real life; We are different from one another, yet schools acts as a mold that restricts your ability to think for yourself. The list can go on and on, but you get the point.

The most ironic thing to notice about school is that, they teach you finance, a discipline to manage money, but they don't teach you money and the true value of money. Since you are conditioned to think and believe in things without ever questioning, you have been mislead to thinking and believing that you know money and it's true value.

Same Amount but Different Values

Imagine that you have one ounce of gold and someone else has one ounce of silver. The person tells you, since we both have one ounce of precious metal, we can exchange. The only reason why you would reject such offer is because you know that in equal amount, the value of gold is higher than that of silver. This illustrates the importance of understanding the value of anything personal that you want to exchange with others.

Stop Wasting Value

On a daily basis, you engage is exchanging your (Talent + Time + Freedom) for money, but have you ever questioned whether whether your offer is of an equal value or - better yet - more valuable than money? Yet, school teaches finance so that you know how to manage money. It is not your fault, the system is intentionally designed to operate like that.

There are simple ways to test the True Value of Money. I am sure anyone can identify other ways but here are some simple ones.

1. The Banknote and The Bank On any of your Banknote denominations you can read "This note is legal tender for all debts public and private." In other words, the peace of paper that you hold in your hand is not money, but represents money. It is a note that the bank issued so that you can get in debt. Now take that