Updated: Aug 20, 2019

You May Well be Yesterday's Mexican!

It has now been more than a year since I sat down to watch any television. Better yet, I don’t have any TV in my apartment. Amidst other fellow human being, I do find myself disconnected with the news but cannot escape listening to something on the radio or reading some headlines on the Internet. Last night as I was driving, my Bluetooth adapter couldn’t connect to my phone to allow me to listen to either an audio book or music as I always do when I around driving for Uber and Lyft. I then turned on the radio and learned that once again, our nation is experiencing two mass shootings: One in El Paso, Texas and another one in Dayton, Ohio. Just as the many mass shooting that preceded, these ones seem to have racial and anti-immigrant coloration. I felt compelled to write this article as an immigrant, US Citizen, Retired US Army Soldier, and simply as Human Being.

Who kills by sword will perish by the sword

Everyone dies.

Why have human being not come to realize that, in the end, everyone dies? Those before us who committed mass atrocities in Germany, South Africa, United States, Rwanda, and all over the world are not alive today. Yet we continue to take away the lives of others just as if in doing so, we extend our own lives on earth. The most beautiful thing about this country is that it is a young nation with the potential to define its greatness, a melting pot made of individuals from around the world. Our forefathers wanted to build a nation that was very different from other mature nations, free from corruptions, with respect to the freedom and rights of its citizens. I guess what they failed to remember is that this land was taken away from the natives not in a peaceful manner or based on friendly and noble intends. I am not sure whether there is a direct correlation with what we see today and the saying “Who kills by the sword will perish by the sword” but it just seems like it.

Knowing that history tends to repeat itself, I do believe that, given the history of this nation, observing the direction that this country has embarked in, citizens have the right to bear arms. But to every right there should also be responsibilities. I think we’ve gone from noble intends of freedom or liberty to libertinism where some simply feel empowered and embolden by some unknown privileges inherited as far back as the time of slavery. Nations around the world are populated with citizens from all countries and it is probably not going to change. One would think that we, as people, have had enough time to learn from history and realize the declaration of independence by now: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men a