Make No Mistake. Legal ... is Not Justice!

Far too many people are very shallow, superficial even with existential happenings in their life. If you haven't witnessed a case in a courtroom, you have certainly read or heard stories that should make you pause and seriously reflect about Human Justice. It is clear as day and night that we have not changed as a nation. Unfortunately for most people, the notion of nation is limited to the piece of land. A nation is you, me and everyone else who lives on a piece of land, sharing cultures built on specific values.

America was built on cheap labor from slavery. Everyone would agree that slavery was immoral and is a stain on our identity as a nation. History tells us that when we decided to abolish slavery, it was not due to a collective consciousness of wrongdoing as a nation. Some wanted to maintain slavery while others genuinely wanted to eradicate it once a for all. Those with Money, Power, and Influence agreed to end the overt form of slavery but use our institutions covertly maintain it to satisfy their addiction to cheap labor. Think about the 13th Amendment of the US constitution. I am convinced that if there was a real collective consciousness of wrongdoing about slavery and a true desire to change as a nation, both the oppressor and the oppressed should have had a sit at the table to discuss how to move forward as a nation guided by the principle of Justice. What happened to “All Human are created equal. that they are endowed by their Creator, with the unalienable Right of the Pursuit of Happiness”? There is an ongoing debate today about the US Criminal System.

  • Segregation was legal, but it was Not Justice!

  • Looking back, we can all agree that slavery was legal, but it was Not Justice!