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Legends Never Die! Thanks Kobe

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

You don't realize what you had until it's gone

There are exceptional individuals who have been able to inspire all human beings, even at the most remote places on earth. I was born in Cameroon and Kobe was one of those exceptional individuals who inspired thousands of young Cameroonian. Just looking at the Tribute to Kobe in Barcelona, Milan, The Philippines, France, China, and more, makes me realize how big this ma truly was. He's impact beyond sports is mind blowing and inspiring.

What Would Kobe's Message Be?

After learning more about the Man and reading about what many have said, I asked myself the question: "What Would Kobe's Message to You, Me, and All of Us be? I wanted to immortalize this imaginary message inspired by what I now know of Kobe, to serve as a source for motion in tough times.

"Yes, I was born in Philadelphia (US), grew up in Italy, even loved soccer (AC Milan, FC Barcelona), spoke multiple languages, did business in many countries around the world, and came to appreciate the world as one with its rich and diverse beauties. I considered myself a citizen of the world because I was loved everywhere and I loved everyone. Hard work is truly the secret for success but you must have a genuine passion for what you do. Know yourself, believe in yourself, stay true to yourself, follow your dreams, and live life fully. Don't look for excuses but take full responsibility for your success or failure. If there is something to learn from my accident is to treat everyday as your last because the last day will come unannounced. If you have a plan, execute it today to your best and don't leave it up to tomorrow since it may never come. Do not lament over my departure but celebrate my life. If any aspect of my life inspired or inspires you, then I am passing the torch on to you to carry forward. In my absence you are the guardian of the values that I embodied. You must strive to do better, live up to or surpass my accomplishments, not in terms of size or quantity, rather the quality of your true potential. Not for your own sake, but for those who will be left behind when it is your time to come and join me."


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