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(His Story) is a powerful tool that has been used and abused in ways that affects all human beings today. No one can argue the simple fact that history, as we know today, was written by the victors who back then were also the oppressors. The questions that most of us should be able to ask and request answers for are: What is the truth? What really happen? Has anything really changed? What can we learn from our past? What future do we envision? What foundations are we setting for that future? Who is the modern oppressor? Who are the modern oppressed? Why only few are well off while many are still struggling? Are human simply stupid creature? etc...

Uncle Tom's Cabin

I am in the middle of reading a great classic "Uncle Tom's Cabin". I am not even done with it but I could not resist the desire to express my pride as a black person. It is hard for me to think of a class of individuals that have been used and abused as much as that of the people who look like me. As if that was not enough, their story have been distorted and an entire class of God's creatures have been purposefully dehumanized. As a result, many who look like me don't seem to have a sense of self worth. You don't believe me, just look around and see how black ladies act like individuals who are ashamed of their natural and beautiful kinky hair.

Guilty By Association

I am just wondering what this world would be without black people. In what we call Modern Society, Africa is still bleeding from its people and resources that only benefits others. Black are still fighting the same fights of decolonization and Freedom in Africa, equality and Justice in the United States, Freedom in Haiti, and so on. Whether or not we want to hear it, see it or witness it, we are the authors of tomorrow's history that is being written today by each one of us or on our behalf.

  • Everyone can peacefully stay in their house and simply say that they were not present back then during slavery. To you I strongly encourage learning about reincarnation. You could have well been yesterday's oppressor.

  • Others will will say, "well I am not oppressing anyone". To you I ask what are you doing to end injustice in your own society? In addition, I want you to remember this quote by Albert Einstein: "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."

  • Regardless of how one sees it, we are all guilty by association.

Where are the Black Heroes?

Have black people ever done anything that is worth celebrating? Aren't there many great inventions by black people? The wealthiest person who ever lived is Mansa Musa of Mali, wasn't he black? When I use to hear people talking about Uncle Tom, it always seemed associated with Fried Chicken. For someone who wasn't born in the US, it didn't mean much to me, besides, there's nothing wrong with fried chicken. Lets just assume that half of Human Population worldwide could only have half of Uncle Tom's virtues, the world will instantly be a happier and a better place for all.

The Power is in Diversity

Not even Beethoven, Mozart, or Stevie Wonder could compose music with only one note of music. The greatest painter whoever set foot on earth would not be able to create artwork with only one color. What does that tell you about diversity? There is no peace or harmony without diversity. The same way that each note of music finds its full value only when played harmoniously with other notes, each individual class of human will find its full value only when interacting harmoniously with the others. But for each to give their best, they have to be at their best which means being proud of who they are, not trying to assimilate into something that they are not. Please always keep in mind that the term Diversity simply means "Difference(s)" or "Different".


I started this hashtag simply because I identify with Uncle Tom, He's my hero, I am proud to be black and would like to see other black people be proud of being black. As Dig Gregory said, being white or being black is primarily a mindset. I am sure many people with different skin colors can identify with Uncle Tom therefore they are as Uncle Tom as I am. Uncle Tom is an incarnation of human kindness and unconditional Love. Uncle Tom could have well been white, Pink, Purple, or Rainbow it wouldn't matter to me. Everyone needs a hero, I just want Uncle Tom to be my hero, the type of human being that I aspire to become. Today, I am just wondering why aren't we celebrating Uncle Tom's day?

Kindness and Love

When everything crumble, Kindness and Love will remain standing, meaning Uncle Tom will be glorified. The world is undergoing celestial and cosmic changes, everyone feels it but only few can understand what's going on. Nothing that is unfolding before us was not predicted. If you are one of many who only imagined the supernatural as the only signs for celestial and cosmic changes, I encourage you to keep waiting. Africa is truly the cradle of humanity and the African Renaissance is happening. Every creature of God must be valued as such and it is also our duty to acknowledge our different accomplishments and contributions to society. "For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of eating or drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holly Spirit", therefore, #IamUncleTom.

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