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Here's who everyone should blame

Who is responsible?

When you point your index finger, pay attention to where the vast majority and remaining fingers are pointing.

Yes, we - human beings - are naturally inclined to find the reasons for our miseries elsewhere. Because marketers, politicians, and others understand that, they have developed tactics and techniques to sell us the idea that everything else is responsible for our miseries

We -human beings - are indolent. We don't have the courage to look at ourselves in the mirror to acknowledge our weaknesses and shortcomings. We tend to always look for the easy way as opposed to the right way. We don't want to think, talk, and act decisively on aspects of our lives that literally determine Life or Death

Universal Laws are intransigent and incorruptible. Whatever we seed through our thoughts, words, and actions will be harvested either in this life or beyond.

If you are not happy today, don't look any further than self. If others are controlling and exploiting you, they are not to be blamed because that's their true nature.

The Power of Choice resides in you. You can always reject the norms of our society and break free from its enslavement. It's never too early or too late.

I am Free and Happy. So Can You and So Should You

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