Rich or Poor, Everyone has it ... in the Same Amount, yet we all Struggle to Understand it.

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Pay attention to your surroundings and you will quickly realize that everyone has something to say about time, one way or another. Some will complain about not having enough time, others believe that time is going by too fast. I am sure you have your own opinion of time and probably you think that the years are going by faster and faster. Have you ever consider that these multiple ways of defining time clearly show how little we know about time itself?

Time itself never changes because it is perfect and anything that is perfect doesn't need change. This article has more information about the real understanding of Time and Time Management

The bottom line is that no one can step either forward or backward in time, regardless of how small its unit of measurement (second, minutes, hours, etc...). Everyone is always connected with time one moment after the other. No one can connect with time either the previous or the next moment, a moment too soon or a moment too late. This is why I mentioned that "Now is the only gift of life that connects us to time and that is the reason why it is also called 'Present'"

Why are people struggling to understand the notion of time?

It would be easier for those who studied Motion in Physics, they can easily understand the notion of Point of Reference. As we mentioned earlier, time doesn't change because it is perfect. That's also why, even when we attempt to define time, we always say that "Time is ..." and only whatever comes after that expression changes.