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Eat Your Food As Medicines!

Nowadays, uncertainty is the only certainty. Just look around, observe, and listen. You will quickly notice that a lot of events are unfolding before our eyes in an unprecedented fashion. Those upon whom rests our trust for making good decisions for the masses no longer agree on anything, even though each one of them is brandishing their diplomas and awards as proof of their expertise. They claim to be using the same "scientific" methodology, yet they cannot be any more opposite in their findings and conclusions.

In the same way society as a whole is divided between the "have" and "have not", the scientific community is split between the "have access" and "have no access" to money, politicians, and media. We can all agree that no one spits or bites on their feeding hand, therefore it is understandable that some "scientists" are simply serving the interests of their feeding hands. Don't they also have to live, survive, feed their own families, pay their bills, etc.?

For me, the divide in the scientific community is not the problem. The real problem is that most scientists suffer from the "god syndrome". Their inability to create their version of a perfect human being should have served as evidence that, as a creature, they can never become creators. They believe and are convinced that they know better than God himself. They believe that they know what is best for humanity as if they were there, alongside God, when he created everything. They believe that what they manufacture in laboratories is better than what nature offers freely. They believe that the world is overpopulated and that there are not enough resources for all. When their erudition runs into the limitation of their own capabilities, modifying and destroying nature becomes the purpose of their existence under the pretext of making things better.

Nature is now framed as the enemy of humanity. Plastic surgeons are trying to fix the "imperfections" on human bodies. Meat is now being manufactured in laboratories. Computer chips are being inserted into human bodies for questionable reasons. The atmosphere is filled with chemical products that are directly sprayed into it in an attempt to modify the climate. Human bodies intake various toxic elements either by inhalation, consumption, or inoculation. I recently heard that pharmaceutical companies received immunity and cannot be liable if anything unintentional goes wrong with their vaccines.

We are now bombarded with all sorts of genetically modified foods known for being the leading causes of illnesses such as cancer. When you go see a doctor for any type of illness, you quickly realize that they are trained to recommend ingesting chemicals into your body in the form of medicines. These medicines wouldn't be a problem if they were natural. Everything always seems to come with a long list of side-effects that are carefully left aside for you to discover on your own.

Once upon of time, we were told that the information is owed to be "fair and balanced" meaning that the media should equally present both sides. Just like the scientist, the media is nothing but a source of well-crafted opinions that serve their own feeding hands. In the midst of this chaos, the average citizen is

confused without knowing who to believe or what to do. As if that was not enough, everything from the media seems to be well-coordinated to keep people distracted so that they don't have time to ask real questions or think for themselves. The real question is, whose fault it is?

If you care about your health and well-being, you must invest time doing your own independent research and listening to both sides. We must always remember that nature was here before any human, nature is here with all humans, and nature will be here with or without humans simply because it is perfect. Nature was not designed and created to make profits from anyone. Nature is always giving despite all the devastations, destructions, and pollutions caused by mankind. The food that grows naturally doesn't hurt anyone. Natural food and our bodies are made of the same fundamental elements such as Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, etc.

Natural food (chemical-free) is not only the best source of energy, it is also medicinal. The only requirement is to consume with moderation and vary based on seasons. "Eat your food as medicines" is timely and timeless advice. If chemical products were not able to save the life of someone like Steve Jobs who pretty much transformed the world, why think that it will be any different for you?

We can all benefit from these words of wisdom: "Eat your food as medicines. Otherwise, you have to eat medicines as your food."

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