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Does true happiness come from love or freedom?

The simple answer is that true happiness comes from both true love and freedom.

Both true love and freedom are inseparable, that is why wisdom says “True Love Sets Free”. Any love that doesn't set free is possessive therefore selfish. Generally, in society, when someone says “I love you", what they mean is they love how they feel when you are present. It's like using someone else for self-satisfaction. True love must only care about what is best for the loved one and freedom is one of the most valuable and fundamental gifts to a human spirit. In a truly loving relationship, the lover's personal interests are not part of the picture. This is why true love gives unconditionally as long as the gift itself only serves the best interests of the loved one.

Slavery is also the absence of freedom because it is a relationship of dependency between two or many entities. Slavery is not a healthy relationship. You can understand why slaves only asked or fought to be free from their masters. The relationship between the slave and a master is that of interest primarily benefiting the latter.

There are healthy relationships of dependency but slavery is not one of them. For instance, a child depends on its parents for protection and care. While this relationship may be seen as a dependency, it is truly a healthy relationship because of mutual interests. A child naturally brings joy to his/her parents who in return compensate this gift through care and protection until the age when it is no longer necessary for the child.

Freedom allows you to follow the path that you genuinely believe is best for you. With freedom, you can experience life fully, learn faster from your personal mistakes and successes, and this brings strength, confidence, vigor, wisdom, and growth. Once you've fully experienced the virtues of freedom, you are more likely to encourage others to be free as well, be supportive of them in their independent life journey, help them learn from their own mistakes and successes, and this is true love in action. The lessons learned from the ups and downs of personal life experiences give you the conviction that setting others free is the only path for their own growth and maturity.

True Love is also Justice in action. It would never cross the lover's mind to cause unnecessary pain of any kind to the loved one just for personal satisfaction. When you truly love someone, you will not tolerate injustices or wrongdoings. That's why true love is severe, but not arbitrarily. Severity is something that comes from Justice since it affords individuals to experience in kind the pain or joy caused onto others.

Truly, Love + Justice + Freedom are three (3) but one in action that contributes to one's happiness.

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