Does it Really Matter Whether the Glass is Seen as Half-Empty or Half-Full?

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

We've been conditioned to only see things either in binary, in addition, we've also been conditioned to think and accept things one way. Unfortunately, most people don't take the time to either question everything they've learned or simply explore other alternatives even when they are clearly struggling with the old way. This article is primarily for those who are open to see things differently in order to find the true meaning of popular wisdom.

What we were told: "The Glass can be seen as half- mpty or half-full"

I think what they attempted to tell us is that people see things differently therefore, positive people will have the tendency to see the glass as half-full while negative individuals will have the tendency to see the glass as half-empty. In practical terms, there's always something good in whatever happens, you just have to look for it. No one can argue with this way or seeing things. It is noble and positive since it encourages people to be positive regardless of how life unfolds. I am sure by now some people are wondering, what else is there to learn or understand beside this binary w of looking at things? What's else could possibly be missing in this interpretation of life?

What we were not told: "The Glass is..."

We, human beings, have this unique tendency to consider ourselves the center of the universe, but the reality is that we are not. Whether you say, "The Glass is Half-Full" or "The Glass is Half-Empty", what we fail to pay close attention to, regarding both expressions is the consistent expression "The Glass is ..." Everything after that expression becomes absolutely subjective. The person who sees the glass as either full, half-full, or full can change at any given time to see the same glass as "to be emptied", half-empty, or empty. In any case, the glass itself doesn't change and will not change so long as it is left alone. We are the ones constantly changing, therefore our perspective or capacity to perceive changes accordingly.

The Real Lesson: "Everything is ..."

Those who have been able to reach a higher level of spiritual maturity fully understand that "Everything in life is ..." and whatever one adds after that expression is nothing but an expression of one's perception of their surrounding which is consistent with our internal state of maturity and nature. The truth is that a wise person who clearly understand this will no longer be able to judge or classify things in terms of "half-full", "half-empty", "good", "bad", and so on. Understating dismisses any desire to judge or classify. One is then capable of understanding that how we perceive our surrounding is only a reflection of the true nature of our inner self. If we see others as bad, it is truly because we are bad inside, if we see the world as horrible, it is because we are horrible inside, and this is why when we change, our perception of our surrounding changes as well. The same people that some would see as bad will soon be seen be perceived as good, the same surroundings that seem bad will now seem good, so truly "Everything in life is ..."

This Real Lesson is not New: "This wisdom has always been around"