Change and Self-Judgement Through The World.

Part of the World You Are!

One cannot change something they don't know or understand. Most people consider the world as something foreign, something that has nothing to do with themselves, therefore changing the world becomes changing everything and everyone else but self. The reality is that the world is self and everything else. The world stays the same when we stay the same. But the world changes when we change. Because we are in the world and part of the world, when we change for the better, then the world becomes better as well. With that in mind, for the world to become best, we have to be our best self. There lies our responsibility towards oneself and to the world. Unfortunately, most people look outwardly in an attempt to evade their personal and individual responsibility, looking for a scapegoat, or at least have something or someone to blame so they don't have assume any responsibility.

"But Most People..."

I've had many conversations with people regarding our individual responsibility to the state of the world and the need to strive towards our best self. The acknowledgment and agreement is always followed with something like "yeah, but most people can't see it that way". What does that have to do with most people? If everyone wants to wait for others to change, then remember you are that other person to someone else, so they too are probably waiting for you to change first.

Changing The World

Changing the world is the most simple thing that each one of us can and must do. All it takes is to become your best self. You know your ideal self, make it a goal to become that one day, and work towards that objective. Keep in mind that every progress you make not only benefits you individually, but makes the world better as direct consequence. When those you seemed to be worried so much about start noticing the change in you, they will be filled with admiration (others may even hate you) but you will not go unnoticed. You will become a source of inspiration for many. The key is to never do things intentionally to please or hurt others, but your focus must remain in becoming your best self. Do something because it is right and it reflects who you are. Those who care and genuinely love you will support you. When you inspire others, they are moved to take action and emulate what they see in you. It doesn't require lecturing anyone else, threatening others with a weapon, chest puffing, adding a layer of makeup on your face, lying or misleading others.

What Are You Worshiping?

The world in which we live in is nothing but a collective reflection of all of us. Everyone has a God that they seem to worship everyday at every moment, and nowadays that God is Money. For money, people are ready and willing to do anything whether immoral, unethical, lie, and hurt others. We seem to live with permanent amnesia and intentional forgetfulness to the reality that no one ever took their money six feet under. The best you will get that day is a coffin that you either purchased for yourself ahead of time or someone else chose for you with a tiny portion of your money. What a waste!