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Being Right or Being Nice

Making choices is how we design and define the outcome of our lives. Choosing is the one thing that no one can escape; therefore, we must always choose. Avoiding making a choice is not optional. One can clearly understand why Jean-Paul Satre said: "not choosing is still choosing". In the end, you are always better off making a conscious choice to avoid becoming a passive victim of the circumstances.

In life, everyone constantly experiences an internal battle between choosing to do the right thing or doing the nice thing. If you take the time to reflect quietly, you will probably reach the conclusion that in those moments, you are left to decide between following your personal conscience or the perception of others. Contrary to general perception, doing the right thing is not incompatible with being nice. The proverbial analogy between the two is the relationship between icing and a cake were doing the right thing is the cake and doing the nice thing is icing. One (being right) could be a principle by which we can choose to live by while the other (being nice) could be the mean (how) the principle is delivered.

The living law of sowing and reaping clearly states in simple terms that "for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap". Choosing is how we sow and the nature or object of our choice is what is sown. If you chose to always do the right thing, you will eventually always reap righteousness as the consequence of that choice. Karma is the consequence of the previous choices that you have made in life thus far; therefore, there will be a period when you must reap in kind the consequences of those previous choices whether or not we remember.

On the one hand, if you want to experience righteousness, then always do the right thing even when is not easy or popular, in other words, always follow your conscience. You are guaranteed to never be wrong by always doing the right thing! On the other hand, you are guaranteed to be wrong at least once if you choose to always deviate from your conscience. Since being right and being nice are compatible, then strive to always be nicely right. But if you are faced with having to choose between one or the other, then do the right thing! Strive to always be at peace with your self-conscience because it is something that stays with you forever whether in solitude or not.

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