Become a"Time Management Master" for Life.

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Your watch doesn't tell you time, it only helps your brain measure our journey inside time.

How can anyone manage something that they don't even understand themselves?

For anyone to manage anything, first there needs to be something that is really manageable. In addition, they must understand what is it that they want to manage.

What is time?

Ask anyone what time is it, and they will quickly glance at their watch and tell you something like 12:35 PM. What we generally accept as time is it really time? Lets break this down in simple steps.

  1. Last Week: Thinking back to last week, there may be things that you wish you had done differently. The fact is that you cannot step back into last week to change anything.

  2. Next Week: Human beings love to plan. Think about all the things that you have planned to accomplish next week. Can you step forward into next week to get anything done? I think it is safe to say, No.

What is true about not being able to step backward in time last week or step forward in time next week is valid for yesterday/tomorrow, last hour/next hour, last minute/next minute, last second/next second, and any fraction of a second that we want. This logic leaves us with only one time: Now.

Today is the only space where now, the only present or gift of time could be experienced.

Now is our only connection point with time, the only gift of time, and that is why it is literally called "Present". What is it there to manage if the only real connection point with time is one moment also known as "Now". Why write multiple books about one thing while the book's content develops something else?

By paying attention to how we ask and answer the 'what time is it' question, you clearly see that 'time is'. The notion of 'time is' clearly shows that we are dealing with the state of something. In reality, that something doesn't change and will never change. Time has always existed the way that 'it is' today, has been perfect since the beginning, and will never change simply because it is perfect. Anything perfect doesn't require change. What most people consider as time, is really not time.