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Anyone Can Lie to Hell...

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Life has this beautiful and unique way of allowing people to reveal their true nature. In private, most people will act one way but publicly they certainly become different creatures. When I wrote one of my LinkedIn posts where I mentioned that when someone tells you that they love you, it means be careful, it may be time to run, I was at the courthouse witnessing how low human being are capable of falling just to get their way.

I feel absolutely blessed with the fact that, since my very first day on earth in this lifetime, my life has been filled with struggles. In my humble opinions struggles are what make human beings stronger and contribute to their development wisdom. Difficulties in life are not anyone's enemy, they could be your best friend in strengthening your personality, your character, and shaping your identity. Rejecting such a helping hand from life is choosing to be eternally weak and immature, thus useless in this creation.

Multiple struggles in my life have afforded me the privileged of a front row seat at witnessing people lying, breaking trust, calling me friend just to run away in though times, throwing me under the bus because of a promise of money, using and abusing my children just to fill their pockets, stealing, using me for their personal gain, and more... I used to wonder what did I do to deserve all this? Thanks to my absolute conviction in God's Justice that doesn't allow things to happen to anyone unless they deserve it, I stopped asking the "What did I do to deserve this".

I now use my struggles with human beings as a mirror or a scanner that helps me see people for who they truly are.

Judge the tree by its fruits, the wisdom says. You want to know individuals' true nature, look no further than their actions, mainly in tough times. That is another beauty of difficulties and struggles in life. Struggles also serve as a mirror because it allows me to see myself in others' struggles and learn what to do or what not to do. It brings awareness of our imperfection as human and the need to strive for perfection and ennoblement. Our intuition guides us and our conscience serves as our compass toward the betterment of self.

If your moral compass is filled with lies then rest assure that it is taking you straight to hell in the sense that, you will have to experience in hundred folds the consequences of your lies . Every aspect of pain that your immorality caused to someone else, you will surely experience it in hundred folds whether it happens in this life or the beyond. The law is immutable and clear: The grain of corn makes an ear for the sower to harvest. Whatever you do in thoughts, words, or actions, whether or not it is intended to others, you definitely do it to yourself.


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