An Act of Necessity becomes a Transformational Journey

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Your passion will help you surmount any adversity and your vision will keep you on the right path.
Your Vision and Your Passion will pull you through

Ordinary challenges are inspirational pathways for extraordinary opportunities. Driving for Uber and Lyft started as an act of necessity, it has now evolved into a movement to make the world a better and happier place. I learned that many people are unhappy! Many are really struggling to find fulfillment in life.

By any stretch of earthly imagination, I was considered very successful. I had a good paying job, married, with two beautiful daughters, a 4-bedroom/3 1/2 Car Garage house, Nice Vehicle (SUV), and more. To get there, I sacrifice my own happiness to support my wife in everything that she wanted to do while providing for my family. Once my wife became externally successful, and I was put on Medical Retirement from the Military, I decided to quit my job for the pursuit of my own happiness. This decision alone impacted everything in my life. I reached out to my partner to ask for financial assistance with the mortgage just so that we can maintain our standard of living. She told me “Well you knew what you were getting into when you decided to quit your job”. It became clear to me that I was on this earthly journey to happiness alone. I proceeded to use my Credit Card to keep up with the bills while trying to build my startup. I quickly found out that starting a business in t he manufacturing of consumer goods is very capital intensive. All my credit cards were maxed out and on July 18, 2018 I was only left with $50.00.

Driving for Uber and Lyft started as an act of necessity. It has now become a Transformational Journey
From Necessity to Lifetime Journey

I decided to signup for Uber and Lyft and use my $50.00 to put gas in my vehicle. As I started to drive, I engaged my passengers with more meaningful conversations. I quickly realized that many people are struggling in life, they are not living their lives but are simply existing, they spend their lives giving away their time and freedom just to try to make it. It is through these conversations that I became intentional about asking people direct questions about happiness. When some would get into my vehicle, I would greet them gently, make them feel comfortable, and then asked:

- Me: What makes you happy?

- Passenger: The dog, the cat, my family, friends, and much more

- Me: Do you think that it is possible to be happy without the dog, cat, family, etc...

- Passenger: Yes!