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Advice Vs Experience

Regardless of how often you witness, are told, or read about fire, you will never know the meaning of being burnt. When you get burnt, everything you have learned about fire will have a true sense and a real purpose. Only then will a valid conviction and fundamental knowledge become your personal property. What is said here accurately summarizes the importance of experience.

If you genuinely want to know about life, then experience life itself and live fully. Don't be that spectator to whom others explain and advise about life. Everyone knows that there is a clear difference between book smart and street smart. A "book smart" individual is like a parrot who faithfully repeats others' thoughts and words without personal understanding. They may use different words to express someone else's opinion, but this doesn't change anything or wipe out their ignorance. They only rely on logic as their mean of validating the thinking of others. Just because someone has seen and observed something doesn't necessarily mean they understand or know it.

Someone who has experienced something is incapable of transferring their experience to you because it is their personal gift from life. Regardless of how much time and effort they invest in explaining and advising, their knowledge will only remain information to you. You must be willing to go through your own experience to receive your own gift of life, called knowledge or wisdom.

As far as life is concerned, no one was given more than others. The difference is always subject and proportional to the intensity of individual life experiences. No experience is too big or too small since they offer something different but of equal value. What you gain from different life experiences is your trustworthy source for growth, maturity, and wisdom.

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