About Me

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

My Spectacular Birth

I was born in a Cameroon, a small country in Central Africa. My birth is said to have been nothing less than spectacular. On a sunny Monday, February 3rd, my mother was at a remote village called Ngoumou only with her Aunt. On this day, her Aunt decided to go to the farm to get some food. My mother was left home alone. She proceeded to go to the bathroom assuming that it was Nature's call, just to quickly realize that it was a different type of call from Nature. It was a much bigger and living call! She mustered the courage to call her cousin and told her that they had to go, NOW.

After gathering few loincloths, they proceeded to walk to the hospital since there are no other means of transportation in the village. My mother summoned all her strength to fight against my apparent urge to take my own first breath of fresh air. They managed to get to the hospital grounds. As soon as they set foot on the green grass on the front yard, afraid that she may suffocate me during our battle between me wanting to exit and her telling me to wait, she decided to let the gate open. Without further due, I came out head first and my first contact with mother earth was with my head landing on the grass. It is absolutely accurate to say that my first contact with mother earth was literally "head-on". Maybe this explains why I am hardheaded.

My Childhood

I grew without ever knowing my father and to date, I don't know his name and never saw his picture. There were times where, during my childhood, I wish I had a father just like many of my friends or not so friends who called me "Bastard". I was lucky because I started leaving by myself at the early age of 13, away from any parent or relative going to school. This allowed me to become responsible a lot earlier, grow up faster, and mature quickly.

I was raised primarily by my mother who never married, had to work really hard and generally long hours to make sure that we had shelter and food on the table. My brother and I had to do our best to follow our mother's instructions, cook, do house chores, while going to school. It is fair to say that life was extremely kind to me by allowing me to learn the hard lessons since the tender age. Not having a father ceased to bother me when I realized that even some children with both parents went to jail, got in trouble, and were sometime worst off than me. The longing for father vanished and I started to believe that I was lucky not to have a father because I could have ended up like the other kids that were worst off with both parents.

During my childhood, I traveled around the country and lived with different family members and other relatives. I did not spend too much time at a specific location but managed to make good few friends. After graduating high-school, my best friend at the time invited me to come to Yaounde to attend University. He welcomed me and treated me like a brother, showing me the ropes, and at times, covering my expenses. We were both very spiritual and I think it is the reason we became friends. Originally, he was my brother's friend but