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A Simple Way to Get to Know Yourself

Who are you? is one of the most fundamental questions that we must all be able to answer with clarity if we ever want to have a meaningful life here on earth. One thing that is so amazing about life is that we never change in the sense that we are who were at birth and we will remain who we are at death. While our body changes because of the natural Laws of Creation, our spiritual ego remain the same. Our earthly life experiences help us mature spiritually towards self-consciousness and ultimately the recognition of God.

Who are you? Unfortunately, we've been conditioned to answer this question as if the question asked what our name is. While it is not wrong to answer the question with our name, it is up to us individually to find out the meaning of our name and what values it represents. A name is not just a word, but it is a representation of who we are. Many people bear the same name, but they are and will forever remain different individuals, therefore, strive to get to know yourself so that, in your own mind, your name has its unique meaning and unique Identity.

Imagine your ideal-self and then answer the "who are you" question. What role do you see your ideal self playing or fulfilling in this life both socially and professionally? What is the set of values that identify your ideal self? While today you may not be the ideal human being that you envision yourself, know that you are the seed with the potential of becoming that ideal self. Remember that every fruit tree starts as a seed. Just as the seed has everything necessary to become a tree full of delicious fruits, you too are the seed with the potential to becoming your ideal-self capable of spreading joys, harmony, and blessings in your surroundings.

In addition to the role(s) that you see yourself playing in your ideal state of being, what are the values that define you? Do you envision yourself as a kind, patient, respectful, and/or honest person? Since you can identify a set of values that best define your best self, remember that these values are part of your identity. For a journey to be a journey, there needs to be a beginning or departure and an arrival or a destination. Consider where you are today as your beginning and embark on a journey towards your ideal self. The roles and values that you have previously identified must guide your path. Anyone of us can embark on this journey regardless of our current social conditions. What is there to lose by trying?

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