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Here, you will find a written summary of the main points covered during the live show since my French accent maybe hard to understand. Please kindly provide your feedback about each episode. Be as honest as possible. It is only through honest feedback that we can make everything better.

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  • Disappointments are far too common and frequent happenings in life. Whether it is in Love, Work, Friendship, Family, achievements, or relationships in general. Faced with these observations, many people have given up completely to settle with whatever they have as oppose to keep aspiring for greater goals in life. Others have gone as far as blaming God or simply reaching the conclusion that their faith is sealed, it is their destiny, something that is outside of their own control. It will be nearly impossible to find someone who hasn’t heard people saying that things like “life is just not fair” , or "there’s no such thing as Justice in Life". For the few with some sort of faith, they go to church and pray, just to later concede when their secret wishes don’t come true that it must be God’s Will even though they were praying the same God for a different outcome. To those willing to see things differently and seeking a greater purpose in life, step out of this way of conceiving life that generates chaos and confusion. Everything is simpler than it seems as soon as you learn the Laws of Creation and how they unfold . Here are few general advices that can help anyone deal with common and all struggles in life. Living Laws of Creation First thing first, learn to understand the Laws of Creation. Even the most skeptical individual on the planet understand that life unfolds in a very precise way, therefore there is no random in life. The absence of random in life is attributed to the fact that Creation is entirely governed by Living Laws. These Living Laws are immutable, meaning they have not changed and will not change. There is no need for them to change because they are perfect and nothing perfect requires change, otherwise what else should it change to. Only things that are imperfect require change towards perfection and such change is only attainable through constant movement. Observe nature and you will notice that planets are constantly moving following a specific path, the sun always rises from the east, earth is always rotating in one single direction, and so on and so forth. Everything that happens in life can only unfold following a specific set of instructions and these instructions are the Laws. However, they are Living Laws because they will crush, destroy, and castoff anything that is not swinging along otherwise, there will be chaos, ruin, and the entire ensemble will eventually have to crumble. The fact that the entire creation has not crumbled should have served as lesson for all creatures that are nothing but guests in this magnificent and sublime artwork called Creation. Only that is not swinging in accordance with the law suffers and will eventually be castoff as useless. Regardless of whether it is a thought, a concept, a human, abcreature, a celestial body, a solar system, or an entire world, anything that is not swinging along with the Laws will be thrown away. Learn to Understand the True Notions Go beyond definitions, opinions, and learn to understand the true notion of things. Words are nothing but buckets that we use in various combinations to describe things. The things that we try to describe through words are representations of specific notions and notions themselves are the closest things to the Truth. These descriptions thru words are primarily done to satisfy our intellectual capacity. Unfortunately, every time we use word to express a notion, our intellect tries to build its own imagery notion whithin its limited capacity. These intellectually generated notions are known as imaginations. For instance, the notion of water is universal regardless of the word that one uses to express it. But this is only true for those who have experienced water. The notion of water itself is a living expression, but as soon as we start to define it, the notion itself starts to become more rigid because the words, even though they are necessary tools to accomplish this task, remain static and limited. As soon as we hear the word water, there is that instant picture that spontaneously comes to mind and that picture is what I mean by “the notion”. Experience is the best way to gain clarity about notions . The Notion of True Love For instance, the notion of Love in its true sense is different from what most people imagine it to be left alone how it is defined. True Love only cares about what is best for the loved one regardless of whether it causes pain or joy to them. True Love is Justice in action that is why it is also impartial in both punishment and reward. True Love is not selfish, meaning, it has nothing to do with the person who expresses such Love, it doesn’t matter how the provider of such Love feels or doesn’t feel. True Love sets free because everything is done with detachment in order to honor the loved one individuality and independence. True Love doesn’t accommodate the Loved one’s weaknesses because it is not only Justice but it is caring. True Love is fearless and protective. This is why in nature, animals are willing to scarify their own live to protect and defend their cubs. But as soon as the same cub reaches their own state of maturity, they are castoff because True Love is not possessive and it sets free. It lets the loved one go so that they can fully experience their life, grow, reach their own full potential, and perpetuate this notion of true love in an eternal cycle that repeats itself from generations to generations regardless of space or time. Therefore, the saying True Love is Everything is unquestionably true. This quote from Nanny McPhee illustrates what True Love means when it comes to human interactions. She said “When you need me, but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me, but no longer need me, then I have to go”. Always seek the Truth First Always seek the Truth First. But the question that one will probably ask is what is the Truth and how does one know that something is True? The notion of Truth itself means something that was, is, and will always be. The Truth is universally eternal therefore will never change because it stems from the Living Laws themselves and it is one with the Living Laws. What is true today, was yesterday and will remain as such eternally. It transcends time meaning it cannot be affected by changes in society or fashion. It is not bound by space therefore it is limitless and endless in space. The Name of the Game is Balance Only the accomplishment or fulfillment of a duty confers a right, otherwise there will be a serious lack of compensation which is necessary for maintaining balance. Balance is the Foundation for Peace, Harmony, Health, and Good Life in general. The saying “Ask and you shall receive” clearly shows the need for accomplishing something (ask) first before getting something else in return (receive). Our Society suffers tremendously today from disharmony, injustices, and many other shortfalls because many have rights given to them administratively without accomplishing or fulfilling any duty. Such thing is unhealthy not only for the individual but society as a whole. Justice also means, anything that is true for one, must be true for all as self-evident. It is self-evident that every human being has a freewill which gives them the right to decide. If you want to see everything that is really self-evident, then observe Nature. For instance, the right to good health requires healthy habits, but since we have the freedom of choice, we can chose whether to implement healthy habits in our daily lives or not. Therefore it is true and self-evident that people with healthy habits are happier. The right to knowledge is guaranteed only for those who seek. True knowledge only comes through experiencing. Therefore, it is true and self-evident that knowledge is a universal right that is guaranteed only for those who put serious efforts to seek for it through experience. It is best to consider everything from a broader perspective in terms of notion as opposed to being narrowed to a definition. Definitions are very restrictive and imperfect. The fact that they change depending on the context clearly shows their limitations and imperfections. Only things that are imperfect require change which also implies that they were not true. Family Relationships Families have become toxic environment as opposed to refuges or anchors for peace and stability. Family struggles can be linked to everything that we we’ve mentioned early. What is the notion of family in terms of Living Laws. The notion of family has been restricted to individuals that are biologically connected just as if biology is the purpose of belonging in a Family. Biology should serve a greater purpose at the early age for a newcomer (baby) in the family, because of the Physical Bonds that exists between individuals in such setting. Over time, the dynamic should gradually transition from biological connection to friendships with the hope to eventually further transition from a biological family to a family of friends. Friendships: Friend*: A friend is someone you love and who loves you, someone you respect and who respects you, someone whom you trust and who trusts you. A friend is honest and makes you want to be honest, too. A friend is a partner, not a leader or a follower. (*)From
  • Pre-Show Summary: The holidays are fast approaching, and it seems to be one of the most stressful times in our society today. From the richest to the poorest, everyone is anxious, not only about what to offer, but whether the recipient will love it. If giving or gifting was about buying and offering something to someone, what should the poorest of the poorest offer? What has giving and gifting really turned in to? Who really benefits from today’s dogmatic way of giving and gifting where people are feeling pressured to break their bank accounts? Giving and Gifting today seems more like self-indulgence and vanity. What happened to the wisdom of “Giving to the Needy” by Matthew 6:3-4. It states: “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you…” Not only can you give and gift with nothing in secret, but no one is too poor to give the right way! Post-Show Summary: No one is too poor to give. The notion of "Best Gift" presupposes that there are several types of gifts. One can classify gifts in two categories: Tangible and Intangible. Tangible gifts are known to most. They are the things that one can see, touch, smell, taste, or hear with our physical body’s senses. When one goes to the store to purchase a gift or takes any of their personal possessions to offer to someone else as a gift, such gift is what we called tangible. The intangibles are the things that we cannot see, the things that no amount of money can purchase. The intangibles are the things that cannot be measured, counted, or purchased in direct exchange for money. The two categories of gifts are also inline with the two aspects of life on earth in general: The Physical and the non-physical. The non-physical are things that cannot be experienced with our physical capacity, that is why they are generally labeled and referred to as “beyond” meaning “beyond the physical perceptive capacity.” While everyone talks about the things that are within the physical capacity with a somewhat decent understanding, everything from the beyond is filled with confusions to the point that some people no longer believe in it. This has led to a divide where things that are beyond the physical capacity are relegated to the realm of imagination or fiction. We have witnessed a real volition by some to disassociate all non-physical from the public spheres. For instance, the separation of church and state. The direct misfortune of this way of thinking is that people didn’t see the difference between two notions: religion and the spiritual. People consider both to be the same even though they clearly represent two different things. Religions are institutions just as any other earthly institutions whereas the spiritual is another aspect of life that transcend religions, affects everyone, regardless of whether they accept it existence. The Paradox of our society today is that, on the one hand many people want the separation between government and religions yet on the other hand, the same people enjoy religious holidays. Most families have gifts exchange ceremonies during holidays, and that have become part of their traditions. Gift exchanges around holidays are predominant practices in most western cultures and primarily in western countries. This also goes beyond families and expands in other social settings such as workplaces, including the same public places where religions are prohibited. In most poor countries, people don’t have the luxury of choice to engage in gift exchanges, so they are content with sharing a good meal in a festive manner during holidays. Just like anywhere, the gifting seems to always take place around religious and secular holidays. The question that arises from such universal observations is whether gifting is supposed to be a seasonal thing. In addition, one must wonder what motivates people to give in the first place, and why only give during holidays. Is the feverish seasonal gifting the right time or way of giving? Is there a way of giving or gifting that transcends seasonality. In my very first Episode entitled "How to reach your natural flow of Happiness", I mentioned that everyone received a talent as a gift. I further expanded this concept in Episode 007 entitled "How did we get here" . In that episode, I briefly explained that there are two types of lives, one conscious and the other unconscious. We left the spiritual realm also known as Paradise as unconscious spiritual germs and each one was given a talent or gift. One fundamental purpose of our individual life is to identify our talent, nurture it, let it blossom, and share it with others. This is the reason why I mentioned earlier that no one is too poor to give. Not only everyone has a gift but everyone is a gift to the world so long as they live a life that is in conformity with God's Will that manifests itself inthroughout the entire creation as the Laws of Creation. The very first gift. When the desire to access consciousness became strong inside the spiritual unconscious germs, this automatically expulsed them from Paradise. This expulsion itself is the first gift that was given to us because it contained the promise to consciousness. Even at this early stage of our own existence, we had to give in order to get. We had to desire to access consciousness in order to receive the promise. Please note that, we only received the promise to access full consciousness . In addition to the promise, each one of us was given a talent as a gift. I really want to draw the listeners’ and readers attention on the manifestation of one fundamental Law in Creation. The Law of Giving and Receiving . This Law states that one must give first in order to get or receive. This is clearly stated in the Bible when it states in Matthew 7:7 “Ask and you shall receive”. Our own Life journey was triggered by “asking” to access consciousness through our desire. The expulsion from Paradise is the accomplishment of the Law because it shows us receiving the promise to access consciousness as a result of our ask (desire). In addition to the promise, we also receive a talent that will further help determine the type of activities that we should eventually engage in, once on earth. First Journey: From Paradise to Earth As we descended further in regions below the spiritual kingdom, we also received several cloaks that enveloped the spiritual germs. These cloaks are made of the same substances as each of the regions that we travelled through on our downward journey. These cloaks are known here on earth as bodies. The first cloak or body that we received was from the animistic kingdom and once the spiritual germ was covered with this cloak, it became a soul. A soul is the spiritual that is covered by the animistic substance. Going downward, the second cloak or body was the ethereal body , and finally a material body as we know it. We can learn from our first Journey from Paradise to earth that one always received in abundance, in other words, the Law of Giving and receive always return in abundance. This can clearly be observed on earth today. When you plant one grain of corn, you receive hundred-folds in return. The Laws are consistent throughout the entire Creation and they unfold in a natural and simple manner without exception. Given everything that we’ve said so far, we can now deduct that no one came to earth empty handed therefore everyone has something to give and no one is too poor to give. Every single human being on earth has a talent and bodies. Our earthly body serves as a place to host us and our talent, it is also a tool that one must properly use to further develop their talent. Since giving is the first step in receiving, those with the desire to return one day to Paradise must identify their talent, nurture it, make it blossom, and give it to the world. Our talent is intended to benefit us and others therefore it is important to identify it and bring it to maturity. Nature, through the cycle of evolution teaches us the proper way of giving. A seed that is planted goes through several phases before it reaches maturity. Once it reaches the state of maturity, it feeds many. So is the purpose of our own talent. It needs to go through the same cycles up to maturity so that it could benefit us and others. There you have it, something that everyone can properly give without exception. While some are desperate to disassociate the spiritual from our daily lives, such attempts are doomed to fail. The gap created by the ignorance of the spiritual aspect of life could never be filled by anything else. Individuals who spends their limited and valuable time on earth only to satisfy their physical being will never find fulfillment . As I have mentioned only promises are fulfilled. The promise of reaching spiritual consciousness can only be fulfilled spiritually. The physical elements that exist, whether our body, money, houses, and other earthly possessions are nothing but the necessary tools that are given to us to further develop our talent and doing so while enjoying the process itself. Giving is always Good To avoid any possible misunderstanding, I am not against buying and giving things away. Giving is always good so long as the intends, the motives, and the purpose behind such actions are genuinely pure and without any expectations in return. The simple fact that many people engage in a frantic giving exercise at once shows that people are not giving properly. When I drive for Uber and Lift, I listen to countless conversations and what I’ve learned is that most people are superficial with the way the go about their lives. People tend to do thing simply because other people are doing it, because they want to conform to social norms, they want any sort of attention, so on and so forth. Everything could be summarized in one simple word: Vanity. The modern Robin Hood scheme. Lets look at corporate charity that is admired and celebrated in our society today. We have some corporations that act as the modern robin hood. People that are actively working to help the company generate money are cheaply paid. Workers even struggle to make ends meet because of the low wages that maximize corporate profit. The same corporation will engage in well publicized charity donation for a cause just to clean their public image. This for me is not any different from stealing from some to give to others , and that is why I call it the modern Robin Hood scheme . I think their charity will have meaning if they pay decent wages to their workers, and then ask their workers if they want to make contributions of gifts towards a cause that moves them. Avoid Excesses In both Giving or Receiving Going back to the fundamental Law of Giving and receiving, one must also avoid excesses either in giving or in receiving. We should learn to only give in proportion mainly the tangible gifts to avoid making the receiving party exclusively dependent of such gifts. We should never lose sight on the fact that everyone has a talent that was given to the them as gift therefore our giving should contribute toward helping them further develop their own talent. It is only when we don’t engage in excess whether in giving or receiving that we maintain balance or harmony. In addition, our gift must really serve a clear purpose that only benefits the recipient, satisfies their need, all without expectations from the giver. The minimal expectation that one can place on the recipient is the need for effort. In other words, the person who receives a gift should have exercised personal effort towards accomplishing something. The best and much appreciated gift always come when the recipient reaches the states where an external contribution could make a difference toward an accomplishment. Gifting in these conditions generate a true and genuine feeling of gratitude towards the giver. How to Give: Secretly “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you…” This passage from the Bible provides us with clear indications on how to give. When you give, do so in secret. In contrast with all the gifting ceremonies that take place today, this is the one advises that most don’t follow. Nowadays, most givers seek admiration and recognition and the only way to get that is to give in public. The notion of public should be considered in its broader context meaning even in smaller settings as family, work, meetings, and any other social context. The need for secrecy between the giver and the recipient only takes place when the transaction takes place between the two in addition to those who need to know. We must always preserve the reputation of the person who receives a gift. When we give in secret without drawing any unnecessary attention on ourselves, we afford the opportunity to the recipient to claim full ownership of the gift. It should be up to them to let others know that they received such gift from someone else. The Ultimate Best Gifts The ultimate best gifts that we can offer to others are things that money cannot buy. If we truly develop our own talent and then live exemplary lives, that alone is the best gift there is and the best way to give. By becoming the best human being possible, we serve as model for others. Now those who are striving toward personal and spiritual growth can look up to you as evidence of what is possible. That image or impression that we create on others will serve as a blueprint toward bettering themselves. You become a source of inspiration that is more powerful that anything that money can buy and that transforms the world beyond your own wildest imagination. In society, you naturally become powerful in the sense that the Law of Attraction will enter into effect. You will attract individuals with similar desires, they will be open to learning how to become like you. A simple sentence such as “envision your best self and work towards becoming that” can transform the masses. Sometimes, you don’t even have to say a single world because many will secretly observe and get inspired. Real-Life Story of the Best Gift and the Best Way to Give Here is a real-life story that illustrates everything that was said about giving and gifting by being. The dentist student. The other day I went to drive for Uber and Lyft as I always do. This day, my passenger was a young man who was going to school in a local famous university. As usual, I like to engage and meaningful conversations with my passengers. He entered the vehicle and sat in the passenger back seat and we drove away. The drive itself was not far but far enough to hold a good conversation. I proceeded start the conversation that went as follow: · Me: So, what do you do? · Passenger: I am going to school · Me: What are you studying? · Passenger: Well, it’s a long story. · Me: Ok, I really want to hear it. · Passenger : I am going to school for dentistry · Me: What made you chose that · Passenger: I always wanted to do something to help people and I like art as well. First, I wanted to become a Doctor. As I was going to school, I had an opportunity to shadow few Doctors. I struggled when I noticed that most patients only spent a certain amount of time with their physician and it didn’t seem personal. One day, my mother suggested that I shadow a dentist. I resisted the thought, but my mother encouraged me and reassured me that there was nothing to lose. If I didn’t like it, I can always do something else. I agreed and ended up going to shadow this dentist. I saw a man who genuinely loved his job. The chemistry between him and his patient was amazing. He seemed to really like and enjoy his work and treated everything that he did like art. Just by observing him I knew without any doubt that this is exactly what I wanted to do. This was the perfect combination between my desire to help and art that I truly like. That is why I chose dentistry as my field of study and I really like it. Clearly, the dentist gave to the young man something that is possible. He did so in secrecy and without having to spend money. We can all do what the dentist did anywhere and any day. We can give by being and inspiring others even when we are unaware. When we engage in becoming a source of inspiration for many, we are truly giving by our own presence. Not only our giving goes beyond seasonality, but it becomes timeless. But above all, we become a true gift to the world.
  • Pre-Show Summary: Look around, and you will soon notice that everyone is trying, seeking, and wondering. Those with a genuine desire for happiness dig through books, attend churches, follow foreign spiritual practices, and listen to the so-called “Experts”. Clearly, everyone is looking for a simple solution, a set on instructions that they can dogmatically implement for the magic to happen. While we entangle ourselves with all these mind-blowing exercises, somewhere in Africa or any poor country, there are people going about their daily lives with nothing. They seem genuinely happy. The path to happiness is as complicated or as simple as you want it to. When you understand the Purpose of Life and Your Purpose in Life, then soon realize that happiness has always been within reach. Post-Show Summary: Go to school, get a job, buy a house, get married, and you will be happy. Many have checked all the boxes, yet they are still unhappy. Those with a genuine desire for happiness dig through books, attend churches, follow foreign spiritual practices, and listen to the so-called “Experts”. Clearly, everyone is looking for a simple solution, a set of instructions that they can dogmatically implement for the magic to happen. While we entangle ourselves with all these mind-blowing exercises, somewhere in Africa or any other poor country, there are people going about their daily lives with nothing. Not worrying about any sort of acrobatic spiritual contortions but simply enjoying everything that life has to offer. They genuinely seem happy. If the path to happiness is so simple, why do we entangle ourselves with this frantic quest of dogmatic exercises? If you are truly seeking fulfillment in life, then start by understanding the notion of fulfillment itself. Pay attention to the fact that I am not asking anyone to recite the definition of the word “fulfillment” but understanding the notion that such a majestic word represents. Fulfillment is an achievement of a promise. With that in mind, seeking fulfillment in life starts with consciously or unconsciously acknowledging yourself as a promise that must be fulfilled. The next step after acknowledging yourself as a promise is to find out what promise you represent. In my very first episode entitled “How to reach your natural flow of happiness” , I mentioned that everyone has a unique gift. You can travel the entire world, investigate every square inch of this earth, you will never find two individuals that are identical. That alone is a sure sign that each one of us represents a unique promise, therefore the path to achieving fulfillment must be different from one another. However, there is an overall arching purpose of life for everyone simply because we are all spiritual beings. This overall purpose of life for all lives on earth is to reach consciousness. In my previous episode, I explained that there are two (2) types of lives: one conscious and another unconscious. Every aspect of life inside matter is in the quest of achieving consciousness from the state of unconsciousness. One must understand that the unconscious has all that is required to achieve consciousness but in a latent or dormant form. Therefore, the goal is to develop these latent attributes to the point where they are fully developed. Once they have fully blossomed, they will propel the bearer into the same full state of consciousness as those who reached consciousness without undergoing the development process. Everyone can observe how this unfolds before us daily in nature. Just look at the relationship between a fruit and its tree. Every tree starts as a bud. Even at that early unconscious state, the bud already has everything necessary to eventually become a tree. All it has left is to undergo further development through the evolutive process. At the early stage of its development, the bud becomes a flower, already hinting the magnificent beauty that it represents as a promise. From the flowering stage, it becomes a fruit. While just a fruit, it already offers so much to the world. People use these fruits for multiple purposes. But notice the magic that unfolds at this unique stage. Every attribute that will need to be fully developed for the fruit to eventually become a tree is well protected in the core of that fruit. The fruit goes through a small cycle of growth, maturity, and ripeness. When the fruit is ripe, it entices other creatures to accelerate its development process by harvesting it. It compensates or rewards the harvester by offering it flesh while it preserves every real aspect of its promise inside the core. By harvesting and eating the flesh of mature fruit, we accelerate its development of becoming a tree of its own. Fruits that are mature but not harvested or eaten by other creatures such as birds, will end up falling on the ground. Their development process gets slightly longer because the core must wait for the flesh to decay and disintegrate. Once the core is separated from the flesh, then other natural elements such as wind, water, fire, soil, moisture, shades, and so on help with the further disintegration of the protective layer of its core. Through another process known as germination, the seed sinks its roots into the soil, it sprouts upwards with its first leaves, from there it embarks on its own evolutive cycle to eventually become a tree just as the one where it came from. Once it becomes a mature tree, it perpetuates this evolutive process of its species. That is an entire evolutive purpose unfolding before each one of us every day, but we refuse to pay attention to it. As a spiritual germ, each one of us has a unique gift or talent that requires further development. It is only when these talents are properly developed and fully blossom in accordance with the Living Laws of Nature, that we reach consciousness. We came to this earthly matter, precisely on earth as spiritual germs or seeds with the potential of accessing consciousness through the development of our unique talent. Evolution is the process that takes our talents from a latent or dormant stage to a fully developed and useful stage. The path to fulfillment is simple and natural, and it is different from person to person. It is, therefore, accurate to say that life is a journey. But for a journey to make sense, there needs to be the Point of Origin and a Destination. As many have stated before, even without fully understanding, the overall trajectory of our journey is elliptical with the Spiritual Realm being the Point of Origin. Because it is a cycle as most refer to it as the Cycle of Life , it means, the Point of Origin and the destination are the same. Even in today's modern times where we have GPS, once we plug the departure point and the destination, we still need to understand the geolocation of the destination. In the same way, if you consider life as a journey, it is important to understand the geolocations of both your departure and your destination. In my previous episode entitled how did we get here, I gave a brief description of Creation as a whole and how it unfolded. As a quick summary, I want to remind us that there is God as the Creator and there is Creation as his Sublime Artwork. The closest proximity to God himself is known as the Devine. The Devine sphere is determined by the distance that the radiations naturally emanating from God form and maintain a straight line. The Devine itself is not part of Creation because it will always naturally exists so long as there is God. Creation began when God allowed a portion of the radiation to exit the Devine Sphere. Going downwards, the first Kingdom that was formed is the Spiritual, then the Animistic, the Ethereal, and finally Matter. As I have mentioned previously in this episode, there are two types of lives: the conscious and the unconscious. The unconscious is generally represented in the form of germs with the same attributes as the conscious but in latent or dormant form. So going back to my GPS analogy and given the notion of the Cycle of Life, the Point of Departure and Future Destination for Human beings on earth today is the Spiritual Sphere. The matter is the only place where the process of evolution towards perfection occurs, therefore the place where the unconscious can develop further towards consciousness. Once the unconscious becomes fully conscious, it naturally acquires a name and an identity and can, therefore, return home. It will be able to maintain its identity and consciously delight in everything that Life in the spiritual realm has to offer. As Creatures, we are inside creation therefore, once we understand the overall purpose of life, we need to learn the proper way of going about our lives. It should be clear by now to anyone that, developing our talent is the way to reaching fulfillment and the purpose of our individual life . The only thing that is missing is how. One must understand that Creation is governed by the Living Laws of its Creator. These living Laws are an expression of God’s Will. They serve anyone who conforms to them regardless of any consideration. In my last episode, I briefly explained the three fundamental Living Laws. The Law of Gravity , The Law of Homogeneous Species , and the Law of Sowing and Ripping . All these Living Laws permeate the entire Creation to regulate life inside creation. Their actions are guided and based on two simple principles: Love and Justice. If you are seriously seeking fulfillment in life, then you must learn to understand the Living Laws, understand how they work, and adjust your life accordingly. I don’t mean learning the same way that it is expected when we go to school. Learning by observing Nature is the best teacher there is for human beings. In this show, I previously mentioned the relationship between the tree and its seed. That analogy, which is a living example shows the entire purpose of life and how it unfolds. You don’t need a doctorate from any school to understand this and for the most part, you are better off not having one because your brain is not jammed with the knowledge that others painfully acquired generally for an earthly purposes only. Today, there is a growing number of individuals who are really trying to make sense of life, finding meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. Just look at how fast some Asian practices are fast spreading throughout the world. While people are desperate to try nearly anything and everything, churches on the other side are struggling to convince the world of its relevancy and validity, mainly amid several scandals that are now getting out of the shadows of secrecy. If one observes attentively, they will quickly notice that most people are more interested in quick solutions, presented as a set of instructions so that they can follow dogmatically without ever asking “why”. If you are genuinely looking for meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in life, I would suggest staying away from dogmatic practices. Free yourself from all moral tortures because the path to fulfillment is simple and doesn’t require any acrobatic practices. Understand that the time for blind faith is over. You must seek clarity in everything you do and always keep in mind that what is good for one, is not necessarily good for all, and can be detrimental to others. Life is meant to be lived and experienced fully. If you don’t understand the notion of experience, then let me clearly explain what I mean by that. Imagine being home with a child who has never seen the fire before. You light a candle and ask the kid not to touch because they will get burned. Left alone with the candle, the kid looks at the pretty colorful flame dancing, they become curious and start to wonder whether you really knew what you were talking about. They don’t comprehend how such a nice little thing that seems soft and innocent can burn them. Besides, what does it mean to get burn anyway? The likelihood is that the child will check for themselves and reach out to play with fire. It is only when they touch the yellow, soft, and innocent dancing thing that they will have a real understanding of being burned. In fact, getting burn will remove any doubt in their mind about being hurt by the fire. Next time you will not have to say a single word regarding staying away from the fire, they will be the first to stay as far back as possible. The experience of getting burned will dissipate any potential lingering doubt in their mind about the fire. It is only when you experience something fully that you gain a clear understanding and ultimately a conviction. Learn to understand the entire creation because it is the inevitable path if you want to return to your point of origin. Learn the Laws of Nature, also known as the Universal Laws, the Laws of Creation, or God’s Will because they are determinant for rigorously selecting who has fulfilled their promise therefore authorized to enter paradise. The decision to return fully conscious or get stuck inside matter as immature germs rest in each one of us individually. Our free will acts as a compass that indicates the direction of our journey and the Living Laws will simply help us rip what we’ve sown. If our desires are noble, the Living Laws will elevate us, if our desires are ignoble, we will be demoted by the Living Laws. We are truly the master of our happiness and the architects of our own Destiney. Be natural, be simple, be real, and just be you.
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The Truth Will Set You Free. For Mankind, There's No Happiness Without Freedom!

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