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  • The words legal and revenge don't coexist. Remember that even under Human Judicial System, one cannot be both judge and party . When one person decides to act in revenge, they undermine the existing Judicial System and its Laws, whether Human Justice or Divine Justice. In so doing, they self-proclaimed as the best judge for the case and condemn the other party as guilty. Ethically or morally, that doesn't sound right, and it is simply not legal. The bottom line is that, everyone is fully responsible for their own actions. You will always bare full responsibility for all your deeds including your reactions. We can find all possible reasons to humanly justify how we act, but the Divine Laws are immutable “What a man sows, he shall reap”. Imagine a scenario where the perpetrator feels like your Justice (revenge) is not proportional or fair. If you give yourself the right to self-justice (revenge) then, they too, have the right to re-revenge, so where does it stop? This is the part of life that will test whether a not a human has grown to maturity. If someone does wrong to you and you are certain of your own innocence, why waste time complaining? If you complain when you are innocent, then what would you do when you are guilty? If you are a believer of Karmic Law like some of us, meaning that everything that happens to us in this life can’t only be exclusively attributed to the happenings of this lifetime alone, what if in your previous life you were 10-times crueler to that person and/or others? Life is also a school, a place for each one of us to learn through experiences with the goal of overcoming our weaknesses. Self-control is a quality, not a weekness. My point is that revenge is worthless. But just as with everything in life, you have your own free will to decide and chose your course of action, but the Divine and Living Laws always have the final say in terms of punishments or rewards.
  • Disappointments are far too common and frequent happenings in life. Whether it is in Love, Work, Friendship, Family, achievements, or relationships in general. Faced with these observations, many people have given up completely to settle with whatever they have as oppose to keep aspiring for greater goals in life. Others have gone as far as blaming God or simply reaching the conclusion that their faith is sealed, it is their destiny, something that is outside of their own control. It will be nearly impossible to find someone who hasn’t heard people saying that things like “life is just not fair” , or "there’s no such thing as Justice in Life". For the few with some sort of faith, they go to church and pray, just to later concede when their secret wishes don’t come true that it must be God’s Will even though they were praying the same God for a different outcome. To those willing to see things differently and seeking a greater purpose in life, step out of this way of conceiving life that generates chaos and confusion. Everything is simpler than it seems as soon as you learn the Laws of Creation and how they unfold . Here are few general advices that can help anyone deal with common and all struggles in life. Living Laws of Creation First thing first, learn to understand the Laws of Creation. Even the most skeptical individual on the planet understand that life unfolds in a very precise way, therefore there is no random in life. The absence of random in life is attributed to the fact that Creation is entirely governed by Living Laws. These Living Laws are immutable, meaning they have not changed and will not change. There is no need for them to change because they are perfect and nothing perfect requires change, otherwise what else should it change to. Only things that are imperfect require change towards perfection and such change is only attainable through constant movement. Observe nature and you will notice that planets are constantly moving following a specific path, the sun always rises from the east, earth is always rotating in one single direction, and so on and so forth. Everything that happens in life can only unfold following a specific set of instructions and these instructions are the Laws. However, they are Living Laws because they will crush, destroy, and castoff anything that is not swinging along otherwise, there will be chaos, ruin, and the entire ensemble will eventually have to crumble. The fact that the entire creation has not crumbled should have served as lesson for all creatures that are nothing but guests in this magnificent and sublime artwork called Creation. Only that is not swinging in accordance with the law suffers and will eventually be castoff as useless. Regardless of whether it is a thought, a concept, a human, abcreature, a celestial body, a solar system, or an entire world, anything that is not swinging along with the Laws will be thrown away. Learn to Understand the True Notions Go beyond definitions, opinions, and learn to understand the true notion of things. Words are nothing but buckets that we use in various combinations to describe things. The things that we try to describe through words are representations of specific notions and notions themselves are the closest things to the Truth. These descriptions thru words are primarily done to satisfy our intellectual capacity. Unfortunately, every time we use word to express a notion, our intellect tries to build its own imagery notion whithin its limited capacity. These intellectually generated notions are known as imaginations. For instance, the notion of water is universal regardless of the word that one uses to express it. But this is only true for those who have experienced water. The notion of water itself is a living expression, but as soon as we start to define it, the notion itself starts to become more rigid because the words, even though they are necessary tools to accomplish this task, remain static and limited. As soon as we hear the word water, there is that instant picture that spontaneously comes to mind and that picture is what I mean by “the notion”. Experience is the best way to gain clarity about notions . The Notion of True Love For instance, the notion of Love in its true sense is different from what most people imagine it to be left alone how it is defined. True Love only cares about what is best for the loved one regardless of whether it causes pain or joy to them. True Love is Justice in action that is why it is also impartial in both punishment and reward. True Love is not selfish, meaning, it has nothing to do with the person who expresses such Love, it doesn’t matter how the provider of such Love feels or doesn’t feel. True Love sets free because everything is done with detachment in order to honor the loved one individuality and independence. True Love doesn’t accommodate the Loved one’s weaknesses because it is not only Justice but it is caring. True Love is fearless and protective. This is why in nature, animals are willing to scarify their own live to protect and defend their cubs. But as soon as the same cub reaches their own state of maturity, they are castoff because True Love is not possessive and it sets free. It lets the loved one go so that they can fully experience their life, grow, reach their own full potential, and perpetuate this notion of true love in an eternal cycle that repeats itself from generations to generations regardless of space or time. Therefore, the saying True Love is Everything is unquestionably true. This quote from Nanny McPhee illustrates what True Love means when it comes to human interactions. She said “When you need me, but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me, but no longer need me, then I have to go”. Always seek the Truth First Always seek the Truth First. But the question that one will probably ask is what is the Truth and how does one know that something is True? The notion of Truth itself means something that was, is, and will always be. The Truth is universally eternal therefore will never change because it stems from the Living Laws themselves and it is one with the Living Laws. What is true today, was yesterday and will remain as such eternally. It transcends time meaning it cannot be affected by changes in society or fashion. It is not bound by space therefore it is limitless and endless in space. The Name of the Game is Balance Only the accomplishment or fulfillment of a duty confers a right, otherwise there will be a serious lack of compensation which is necessary for maintaining balance. Balance is the Foundation for Peace, Harmony, Health, and Good Life in general. The saying “Ask and you shall receive” clearly shows the need for accomplishing something (ask) first before getting something else in return (receive). Our Society suffers tremendously today from disharmony, injustices, and many other shortfalls because many have rights given to them administratively without accomplishing or fulfilling any duty. Such thing is unhealthy not only for the individual but society as a whole. Justice also means, anything that is true for one, must be true for all as self-evident. It is self-evident that every human being has a freewill which gives them the right to decide. If you want to see everything that is really self-evident, then observe Nature. For instance, the right to good health requires healthy habits, but since we have the freedom of choice, we can chose whether to implement healthy habits in our daily lives or not. Therefore it is true and self-evident that people with healthy habits are happier. The right to knowledge is guaranteed only for those who seek. True knowledge only comes through experiencing. Therefore, it is true and self-evident that knowledge is a universal right that is guaranteed only for those who put serious efforts to seek for it through experience. It is best to consider everything from a broader perspective in terms of notion as opposed to being narrowed to a definition. Definitions are very restrictive and imperfect. The fact that they change depending on the context clearly shows their limitations and imperfections. Only things that are imperfect require change which also implies that they were not true. Family Relationships Families have become toxic environment as opposed to refuges or anchors for peace and stability. Family struggles can be linked to everything that we we’ve mentioned early. What is the notion of family in terms of Living Laws. The notion of family has been restricted to individuals that are biologically connected just as if biology is the purpose of belonging in a Family. Biology should serve a greater purpose at the early age for a newcomer (baby) in the family, because of the Physical Bonds that exists between individuals in such setting. Over time, the dynamic should gradually transition from biological connection to friendships with the hope to eventually further transition from a biological family to a family of friends. Friendships: Friend*: A friend is someone you love and who loves you, someone you respect and who respects you, someone whom you trust and who trusts you. A friend is honest and makes you want to be honest, too. A friend is a partner, not a leader or a follower. (*)From
  • It is impossible to define who should never try to become a judge of any kind simply because everyone judges whether it is self, others, or things. With that said, I think the best way to formulate this question is “What should people know or understand before judging?” Self-Judgement. This type of judgment is not bad so long as one uses it as an opportunity to reflect upon what they’ve done, what they are doing, and what they are planning on doing. This evaluation should be a simple exercise to ensure that our trajectory is in alignment with the goal of accomplishing a higher spiritual purpose. History is the foundation made of lessons learned from past experiences upon which we can build a better present. One must not spend too much time ruminating over it or pondering too much over it. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. It is only through experiencing life that we receive the necessary feedback on whether the nature of our desires helped or hurt us. Judging things: “This weather sucks!” It is a far too common type of judgment that people have upon nature. What they fail to realize is that, at the same time and under the same conditions, there is at least one person who genuinely likes the same weather. It is ok to judge things that are man-made, such as money, houses, cars, etc… but my advice to those seeking spiritual self-growth is to avoid making this type of judgment at all cost when it comes to Nature. In fact, not only there is nothing anyone can do about Nature, but only judge that you can change or make better. Nature only acts in accordance with the Living Laws of Nature that is nothing but an expression of the Immutable and Perfect Will of God. Judging Others Personally: Any judgment that one casts upon others is only an accurate reflection of our personal true nature. This is why people who are positive always have the tendency to finding goodness in other people while negative individuals will be quick to point out others' flaws. This truth is clearly indicated in the Bible when it says: “Why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but fail to notice the beam in your own eye.” What it truly means is that the flaws that we see onto others are abundantly dominant within us. Accepting this reality is hard, however, becoming aware of this Law can spare us from accumulating bad karma. It is further said, “For with the same judgment you pronounce, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” To avoid making a wrong judgment, it is best to learn to understand first. When you genuinely understand, you will quickly realize that there is no need to judge because you can empathize. With true empathy, comes the desire to help without judgment or expectation which is nothing short of the manifestation of Pure Love! This is why it is also said that Pure Love doesn’t judge. Professionally: Those who want to become professional judges must understand that there are two types of Justices. Divine Justice and Human Justice . Human Justice only offers protections and right on earth. For someone who wants to become a judge, as far as the Divine Justice is concerned, they must understand that they are fully responsible for their actions including any sentence they pronounce regardless of whether it is in the line of duty, earthly legal, or earthly lawful. This is primarily due to the fact that everyone has a will that they can exercise freely (Freewill). One can choose to become a judge as a profession or else. Once the decision is made, that binds the individual to all consequences associated with their actions. In addition, it is every person’s responsibility to learn the Living Laws of God. Just as the judge will tell you in their courtroom that “Ignorance of the Law is no excuse” , therefore ignorance of God’s Laws is no excuse either.
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